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Tag: CTP Marketplace

ctp marketplace banner

CTP has a marketplace where you can trade goodies with other CTP members.

It is your marketplace so you decide how much you want to sell items for and you decide what you want to buy items for.

So for example, right now someone is selling ten AAA batteries for ten tokens while someone else wants 12 tokens for the same deal and a third person wants 15 tokens for their stash of ten batteries.

To trade on the marketplace is super simple and it costs two tokens per trade or just one token if you are a Kore4 member, (that is if you are Kore4 upgraded and not simply a member of the team of the same name.)

How it works:

1. Log into CTP, go to the CTP Marketplace by clicking on your ‘Goodies’ tab and click on the marketplace banner to enter the market.

2. To buy something then just look down the list of items for sale and click on the “Buy Now” button next to the item that you want to purchase.

Buying items on the CTP Marketplace

3. To sell something then scroll to the bottom of the Marketplace page until you see the dialogue box where you can list items for sale.

Select the item you want to sell, decide how many of them you want to sell, choose the amount of tokens you want to sell the items for and finally press the blue “Sell It!” button.

Selling items on the CTP Marketplace

Try out the marketplace for yourself. It is actually quite fun.