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…you have to add another 20 names to the Top 100 leaderboard.

Jon’s latest weekly promotion has really caught the imagination of CTP Teams players.

The idea was that there would be random $20 prizes up for grabs this week and that all players who reached the 400 million points threshold by midnight Eastern tonight (Sunday) would be entered into the prize draw tomorrow.

In an extra twist Jon decided to add extra prizes based on the number of people who qualified for the draw.

The result was that all 100 people on the Top 100 leaderboard qualified for the draw so we had to extend the board to show 20 more names in case more people also qualified.

Right now at 10.30pm Eastern 103 people have earned more than 400 million individual points this week which is an absolutely amazing achievement.

The next ten names on the list all have more than 300 million points and the remainder all have more than 250 million points which shows how strong CTP Teams is right now.

Don’t forget to come along to TELive at 4pm Eastern tomorrow (Mon) for more news about the winners.

CTP Teams Top 100 players top five S3 W6 D2

The Great XP Hunt for Cash it well underway and there is still time for YOU to be one of the winners.

Remember that there will be at least five random $20 cash prizes given away in this week-long XP hunt.

The threshold to be entered in the draw is 400 million XP and at the rate it is possible to earn XP within CTP Teams, this is not a huge figure at all.

Yes it takes work but the business lesson here is that without work there is no possibility of reward.

In fact right now there are 31 people with more than 400 million worth of CTP XP this week alone…and quite a few others who are very close indeed to getting there.

Currently there 16 people outside of the 400m mark but they already have 300m or more XP so they are all on course to easily get to the qualifying threshold.

You can check how close you are to qualifying for the cash draw by checking out the Top 100 Players leaderboard.

CTP Teams Top 100 players screenshot S3 W6 D2


Remember that the more people who qualify for the cash draw…the more cash we will give away.

Once we hit 50 total players that have reached 400 million CTP XP, we will add another $20 cash prize to the pool for every 10 players that hit the threshold.

For example, if we get 100 players that reach the 400 million goal we will be giving away 10 prizes of $20! If we get 150, that means 15 prizes of $20 and so on….

Make sure every0ne in your team knows about this special giveaway…good luck and have fun

Special note: The draw for everyone that reaches 400 million CTP XP will be done using Random.org and live on Traffic Exchange Live – May the 18th


Top 100 Players Tab at CTP Teams

The blue button which lets you see the Top 100 CTP Teams players is back.

This shows the players within CTP Teams who have individually collected the most points for their respective teams so this is a great leaderboard to be on.

It is even better now that Jon has announced the trialling of a new cash prize for individual players for Season Three…collecting XP is now both rewarding for your team and potentially very rewarding for you as an individual.

It is being trialled this week to see how popular it is and, if successful, then the new CTP XP Weekly Cash Giveaway could be a weekly feature for this season.

What happened was that Jon, who is not a massive gambler, still managed to end up $100 in profit after his recent trip to Las Vegas…so he wants to give that cash away to CTP Teams members.

Jon announced the new development at a special midnight edition of TELive at midnight to mark the start of Week Four.

So here is how it works…

The team points earned each week are obviously earned by individual members doing tasks to gain XP. Remember that XP can be awarded for many more ways than just surfing traffic exchanges so there is a huge potential to collect it.

So this week we want to reward the top three players who bring in the most weekly points for their teams as follows…

top points earner – $70

second placed points earner – $20

third placed points earner – $10

The winners will be decided by the places on the Top 100 leaderboard at the end of this week, ie 12.59.59 Eastern this coming Sunday night.

If you like this then we can do it again and again every week with cash prizes up for grabs on a weekly basis. It might not be $100 every week but we will keep you informed on this blog on what will be happening.

Remember that this is in addition to the $5,000 season prize pot, so as well as these additional prizes there will still be that cool 5k totally untouched and up for grabs at the end of the season.

Are you on the Top 100 leaderboard. Check it out now to see.

JOn Olson announces weekly cash prizes for CTP Teams Season Three

An honorable mention here to Russell Stockley from the Cup of Traffic Division who has already sent an email to his list about this latest development. This is what being on the ball is all about. Well done Russell.