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TimTech's Santa Nerd attempts a cartwheel for 12 Days of Christmas 2014

There is very good reason that Larry is standing well back from Santa Nerd…very good reason indeed.

Santa Nerd needs room…a lot of room. And just to make sure he does not get interrupted while he shows Larry what he is about to do, his reindeer have been strategically placed at either end of the road to bark at traffic which attempts to pass.

Santa Nerd, for the first time ever, has decided to reveal how Cartwheels are done at the North Pole. They are like traditional cartwheels that we all understand but with a twist.

It seems that on Thursdays it is traditional to do a North Pole Cartwheel before giving out gifts.

Talking of gifts…check out today’s deal (and the cartwheeling video) here – 12 Days of Christmas 2014 – and then be sure to log in to CTP to claim your special Christmas gift from Santa Nerd.