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Now Lucky 13 break the CTP teams counter too

Lucky 13 and SurfAholics Alpha are tied at the top of the Premier League…or so it seems.

Actually it is just further proof that a second team has reached the new upper limit to which our CTP Teams computer processor is prepared to count.

After all it is a very big number and everyone and everything has a limit beyond which they will not cross.

See the previous post for more on this if you have not done so already.

The real scores are still being counted in the background and it is that just for the time being we can’t display them, that’s all.

SurfAholics Alpha break the CTP Teams counter for second time in two months

Nooooooooooooo – it is happening again. Our two highest scoring teams are amassing so many points that they are breaking our counters again.

When it happened last time we thought we had solved the problem, but it took just two months for the high-scoring super teams to put a virtual spanner in our works once more.

Last time round SurfAholics Alpha and Lucky 13 broke out systems when they earned 2,147 483, 647 total points in one week and we thought by increasing the processing power of our deepest inner workings we had it fixed.

This time round the Alphas have stopped the clock on the number 4,294,967,295 – which is twice as large as the previous killer number – it is also the largest number sequence that a 32-bit processor can manage.

This latest counting crisis is very revealing – it tells us that in just two months the top two teams have doubled the amount of weekly team points they are earning.

I think this is nothing short of amazing and it goes to show why these two teams dominate the contest.

Put it like this – I told yesterday that on Monday the Alphas were averaging one million points gained every single minute of the day…well they have kept that pace up all week. Well done indeed.

As for our our stalled counter, I am sure we will have it fixed soon but, in the mean time, be assured that the individual member scores are still being recorded.

CTP Teams – using XP to break the internet. Awesome.