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Tag:  Black Friday 2014

Tag: Black Friday 2014

I hope everyone really enjoyed our 102 hours of crazy deals for the Black Friday 2014 event which ended at midnight last night.

There were lots of bargains to be had and I am sure you will be putting them all to good use. The only real casualty of the event was the planned 102 hour live streaming thanks to the new maximum broadcast limits imposed by Spreecast, but we worked around it with daily eight hour shows instead. Thanks to everyone who took part in the shows and a special thanks to everyone who decided to host their own shows in the TELive room during the event.

This community is full of really awesome people and it is great knowing you all.

So back to the way that the Black Friday deals continue to impact on CTP Teams…well just the quickest of quick glances at the leaderboards will be enough of a clue for anyone…the numbers continue to be totally insane. (If these numbers spoke they would speak like one of the rather strange voices that Tim used to use in some of the CTP training videos – that is how crazy they are!)

It is only just Tuesday and already the Alphas have more than 50 billion points – they look set to easily become the first team in CTP history to get 100 billion points, as predicted by Tom Wacker a few days ago.

Tom’s team, Lucky 13, sitting in second place with 28.1 billion points, could also break that barrier before the week is out. If my math is correct then, at current rates, the Alphas should break the 100 billion barrier as early as tomorrow while Lucky 13 should do so sometime on Friday and none of the other teams can score this high. Hopefully that prediction won’t come back to haunt me too badly.

The top three teams in the Competitive League (TE Racing League, Surf Lovers and Strays Team Bee) each currently have more points than the bottom two in the Premier League (Dream Team and Bonz Brigade) but there is still a long way to go for many more changes as the week progresses.

As ever good luck to everyone in CTP Teams and have fun.


CTP Teams Last Weeks Standings on Monday December 1 2014

I don’t think anyone will disagree with me that the numbers for CTP Teams as last week rolled to an end on Sunday night are the most amazing to date.

It says a lot when I say that Surf Lovers finished tenth overall with 926 million points while WealthBuilders were in ninth place with 970 million points.

Every other team in the top ten had more than one billion points – in some cases much more than one billion points.

Here is how they ranked:

– More than one billion points but less then two billion: Cash Surfing Network and Bonz Brigade.

– More than two billion points but less than five billion: The Strays.

– More than five billion points but less than 10 billion: CTP Renegades and Kore4.

– More than 10 billion points  but less than 20 billion: Uber Surfers.

– More than 20 billion points but less than 40 billion: Lucky 13.

– More than 40 billion points but less than 80 billion: Nobody.

– Greater than 80 billion points: SurfAholics Alpha.

The huge numbers were made possible because of the bonuses which were gained during the Black Friday 2014 sales event and these bonuses will be active this week too so look out for even more dramatic totals.


We have already given away some amazing deals on Black Friday 2014 and there are many more to come for the rest of today and tomorrow.

But right now we want to add a little extra awesome sauce on top of the already brilliant offers. From now on every purchase comes with Triple Rewards Points.

So for whatever you buy for the rest of today and for every hour tomorrow the Rewards Points have been tripled…and you can thank the mild weather for this extra bonus.

The unusually warm weather today has allowed Justin to get his Christmas lights up on the outside of his house much quicker than he planned and this has put him in a good mood.

So he announced “Triple points all round” and TimTech’s magic elves pressed the buttons to make it happen.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a Black Friday 2014 bargain while you can and pick up Triple Rewards Points as an extra thank you from all  of us here at TimTech.


We are used to really big numbers at CTP Teams but right now things are going totally crazy and here are just some examples…

* Yesterday I reported how first placed SurfAholics Alpha had opened up a 20 billion points lead over Lucky 13…well that lead has now reached 35 billion points…and it is still climbing.

* Uber Surfers are the third team to smash the 10 billion points barrier this week.

* Seven teams have gained more than one billion points this week – Alphas, Lucky 13, Ubers, Kore4, CTP Renegades, Bonz Brigade and The Strays.

* A further two teams are very close to doing so – CSN and Surf Lovers.

* Two individual members have earned more than 10 billion points for their teams this week – Sabrina Traversa from SurfAholics Alpha and Pan Garan from Lucky 13.

* There are currently 32 people in the Top 100 Players list who have more than one billion points and one more is about to reach that milestone quite soon – that is that around one third of the list who have more than one billion points.

* It currently takes more than 100 million points just to make the Top 100 Players list.

* Because the Black Friday weekend bonuses will remain active next week then there are even more spectacular numbers than this likely to emerge in the next seven days. Don’t forget that Black Friday 2014 continues throughout today and tomorrow and that all deals include at least 10% points bonuses for every dollar spent. (The bonus doubles to 20% whenever a special double deal takes place.)

Great work everyone.


Twenty Billion points lead for Alphas

CTP Teams Black Friday 2014 bonus team pointsIt is a good job that Tim fixed the broken counter the other day because we are seeing the biggest numbers ever in CTP Teams.

Thanks – at least in part – to the super bonus team points deals in the Black Friday 2014 102 hour promotion, numbers are through the roof this week.

Right now SurfAholics Alpha have opened up a twenty billion point lead over second placed Lucky 13 who, in turn, are more than six billion points ahead of third placed Uber Surfers.

The bonuses on offer are really huge so we were expecting big numbers…and we were not disappointed.

Kore4 and Bonz Brigade are the other two teams with more than one billion points this week while CTP Renegades are not too far away from joining them.

Bonz Brigade and WealthBuilders are the only two Competitive League team in the overall top ten right now, while Dream Team, currently third in the Competitive League, are in 13th spot overall.

Because of the huge bonus points structure which is ongoing right now I am not making any predictions about what may happen this week…even at this late stage.

Over at the Top 100 Players table, Sabrina from the Alphas is in first place from Lucky 13’s Pan in second and Sabrina’s Alpha team-mate Howard Fullmer in third. Bonz Brigade and WealthBuilders are the only two Competitive League teams with members in the Top 100 list.

Don’t forget that not only are we coming up to the end of the week but also to the end of the month so there is a lot to play for during this Black Friday 2014 weekend where our amazing offers continue today and for the whole of Sunday and Monday too. Remember you can always see the latest deals right here.


Five CTP Teams smash the one bilion weekly points barrier

Members of CTP teams are just beginning to see how amazingly powerful the massive points bonuses are for our Black Friday 2014 weekend of deeply discounted hourly offers.

Not only does every purchase get you a 10% team bonus on the amount you spend – which remains active right through until the end of  December 7 – but we increase that bonus to 20% during our regular Double Down Deals throughout the 102 hour event.

The numbers really are significant as the screenshots below show…

SurfAholics Alpha Black Friday 2014 team points bonuses in action

Lucky 13 Black Friday 2014 team points bonuses in action

With these bonuses totally uncapped and lasting so long it means that any team can really have a huge effect on their weekly standings by taking part in the TimTech Black Friday 2014 event. Grab a bargain, save money and have fun.

Thanks to Russell Stockley, we have seen the return of tinfoil hats as Black Friday 2014 swung into action from 6pm yesterday.

He took to Spreecast in what must have been the most elaborate tinfoil hat ever…it was more like a Viking helmet than a tinfoil hat and it was even branded with his Cup of Traffic TE logo for his Cuppa Time game show.

Russell Stockley wears tinfoil hat for Cuppa Time during Black Friday 2014 Spreecast event

Barb from AdKreator turned up in her giant Nerd Bird outfit, Justin wore a pointy dunce’s hat for an hour (something about losing a sports bet to Jon) and it even fit me which was a little worrying but I wore it for a while too.

Marcus and Ken did their CSN Hour and Marcus even entertained us with his juggling skills – I still remember his original shows from before when he teamed up with Ken and Rodney where he would fill the silences with a little juggling act.

Barb from AdKreator in giant nerd bird outfit while holding puffin on Black Friday 2014 TELive show

Matt Badura turned up, announced he had recently broken one of his ribs, and was clearly in pain whenever he moved or laughed too much. Normally I enjoy trying to make people laugh but thought it was a bit cruel to try and make Matt laugh too much until his pain killers kicked in.

We both like logic and math puzzles and thankfully so do a lot of the CTP community so we spent a few hours on random logic quizzes, brain teasers, number sequences and riddles.

Tom Wacker was the star of that particular segment as he repeatedly fired off the correct answers while the rest of us were still trying to work out what the question meant.

Matt turned it into a mini prize quiz which Tom won with 12 points, Russell Stockley came in second with eight points and Brian Cullen took third place with four points. They were all rewarded by Matt with StartXchange credits for their efforts.

Black Friday 2014 Spreecast Part Two trivia quiz

Black Friday 2014 has got off to a flying start and there is still much more awesomeness to come. Don’t forget to check out the current deals, which are updated every hour, right here.


TimTech Black Friday 2014 logo

The TimTech Black Friday 2014 five days of super awesome deals is well underway as we unleash bargain after bargain every hour on the hour.

The only casualty so far has been the 102 hour marathon Spreecast which came crashing to a halt after just eight hours. One moment we were all chatting away and just settling into the first shift when the stream died without warning.

Everyone who was on air at the time quickly Skyped: “It wasn’t me. I didn’t end it” but it was Spreecast itself that pulled the plug on proceedings. Apparently there is an eight hour limit on individual broadcasts which we wre not even aware of until it kicked in.

So as far as the live broadcasts are concerned we have changed things up a bit for the duration of this extended giveaway weekend. From now until Monday we will be doing four eight-hour Spreecasts from 4pm to midnight Eastern each day.

The deals continue every hour – with a new one each hour without fail and special Double Deals popping up on a regular basis – so keep checking in at http://www.timtech.us/blackfriday.php for the current offer.

Coming up next…a quick round up of the first Spreecast event.



Justin Ledvina wearing dunce cap

With just under one hour to go before the marathon 102 hours of crazy TimTech Black Friday weekend sales, CEO Justin Ledvina is wearing a dunce cap…but why?

Did he mess up on the deals? Did he upset Tim or Jon somehow? Is he trying to get across some sort of hidden message?

All will be revealed during the first hour of the massive TELive Spreecast event to mark the official start of TimTech’s five days of once-a-year discounts and offers for Black Friday 2014.

This still doesn’t explain the dunce’s cap though…but there is not too long to go now until we find out the answer.

Here are some things you might hear time and time again if you spend any time listening to TELive…take action, be different, don’t follow the crowd, get yourself noticed, have a gameplan, invest in your business.

Yesterday William Miller – the leader of Bonz Brigade – did just that and the results started to come in almost immediately. Before I tell you what he did let’s first see what happened.

Take a look at the screenshots below to track the progress of Bonz Brigade over a period of just a few hours…

Bonz Brigade climb up CTP Teams league Bonz Brigade climb up CTP Teams league 1 Bonz Brigade climb up CTP Teams league 2 Bonz Brigade climb up CTP Teams league 3 Bonz Brigade climb up CTP Teams league 4

So as you can see there has been a rather rapid climb from William’s team to third position overall in CTP Teams. For the first time ever Bonz Brigade looks likely to smash the one billion weekly points barrier and only SurfAholics Alpha and Lucky 13 have more points than Bonz Brigade right now.

What could possibly have brought all this on? Well William decided it was time to give his entire team a massive boost. In just one fell swoop he upgraded the 15 members of his team who were not Kore4 to the Kore4 membership level.

That’s right he paid for his entire team to be upgraded for Kore4 and as a result he was able to get the entire team a 6,000% points bonus for 24 hours. Nobody in the history of CTP Teams has done that before. Obviously William has his reasons for taking the action he did and it seems to be paying off for him big time. I am not sure if one of his reasons was to get people talking about his team but that is what is happening right now for sure.

Bonz Brigade 6000% bonus for Kore4 upgrades

Not only has William made his team a top three team but he has rewarded his members for being part of Bonz Brigade and put his team in the spotlight during the Black Friday weekend. Awesome stuff indeed.

P.S. Talking of Black Friday…there is only four hours and 45 minutes to go before we go live with the TimTech Black Friday 2014 spectacular…are you ready for it yet?