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In the season of CTP Teams, we decided to do something a little different at the mid way point to the season.

We’re introducing our first ever All Star Game where the Top 20 players from the first half compete for All Star Supremacy! (Based on total promo points collected over the first half.)

And it all starts this Saturday, April 8th!

Here are your line up’s for both squads, congrats to all our All Stars!

Red Team


Blue Team


all star game

Once again, congrats to the top 20 for becomign All Stars this season! We get started on Saturday and it’s Red vs Blue!

For everyone else….Rest, relax, enjoy your time off…Because once the All Star Game is done, we’re back to the Hurricane Season and it’s second half.

Good luck to everyone!

She’s one of the hardest working people in this business, offline and online! Debra shook the CTP Teams world a few seasons ago with the formation of Easy Team and has since gone on to form the brand new Eager Beaver Team Builders. She’s the owner of two mainstays traffic exchanges inside of the competition with Chit Chat Traffic and Traffic Empire.

Let’s get to know Debra and what makes her so focused and passionate about this business!

1. Tell us how you came to discover CTP and the Teams?

A friend and colleague asked me if I know anything about CTP. I did not at the time, but then some one else asked me and so I decided I had better take a look. and here I am a year and a half later.

2. As a program owner and a veteran team leader, you’ve seen changes come and go in the industry. What has been the high point as well as the low point for you in the business over the past year or so?

HUMM, great question, The high point would be, I learned how to use traffic exchanges. Meaning I was able to take Traffic Empire and bring her back to life. The low would be that my personal life hit a big bump and I needed to work on fixing the home front or I would have no business. Another high would be the guys at Legacy Hours jumped in and lent me a hand buy running the back end of my te’s for me. Very pleased to have met this bunch of goof balls.

3. Speaking of being a program owner..What made you make the jump from surfer to owner?

Being an owner happened by accident. A friend was in financial troubles, and offered to sell me one of his Traffic Exchanges. I purchased Traffic Empire, I had no clue what to do with it, it sat dormant for about 5 maybe 6 years. Once I joined CTP I quickly made friends, Brenda and her cane and Terry for his patience with me..LOL Now I have both TES up and running, so guess this is how I became an owner. I would not change a thing cuz I have done it my way, with lots of help along the way.

4. Teams have played a big part in your game plan for success. You’ve been a huge supporter of team play, how important is it for new members to roll up their sleeves and take part in these competitions?

This one is hard, cuz I have always lead a team, Easy Team is my team from another program, I created Easy Team in CTP and brought over my top team leaders. When doing so, we got recognition from branding, every where you looked Easy Team was there. Now, a year later and the Easy Team at CTP has changed hands and has become We Are Family… I wanted to bring the cream to the top and that is what I have done with Easy Team so that Renee can now have the ropes. I have created a leader and she is better than I am, and that is exactly what I was intending for. I wanted and stressed that branding is critical for them and adding list building into that mix made us a success.

This is why it is so important to join a team and stick with it, ask questions learn as you go and you will in return grow strong so that you will be able to take the ropes and lead your own team, whether it is in CTP or a opportunity your trying to build.
Get branded, build a list and learn to lead. ๐Ÿ™‚

5. And finally, if you could take a new surfer and give them the best piece of advice for their business, what would it be?

Be them self, people can see right thru phony. Get a plan and stick with it..

A mainstay inside of the teams and around the industry, Doug could be considered….The owner of the people! After years of surfing, Doug took the bulls by the horns and became the owner of the popular Cool Cat Hits a few years ago…

Since then, Doug has become one of the most well known owners and someone who has a unique approach to life, business and everything in between…Let’s meet, our friend Doug Roehrig!

1. You’ve been involved in CTP for years now, how did you stumble across the community?

I stumbled across CTP while surfing Tim Tech sites. I started surfing around the mid 2000’s and was looking for a way to make money online.

The training in CTP has been tremendous and I love the certification that comes along with it!

2. Now you are a traffic exchange owner, and have been involved in CTP Teams as both a surfer and owner….What has been the biggest challenge in making the switch from surfer to owner?

The biggest challenge in making the switch from surfer to owner is that I have to realize I can’t give everything away as much as I would like to do so.

The temptation to give away the farm is always there and I have to fight it.

3. You’ve also spent a huge amount of time being in front of people every night in the Legacy Hours. How important has that been for your brand and your business?

Being active is one of the most important things an owner can do. Just being there increases trust and reliability. I have been able to build my brand by being active in the legacy hours night after night.

4. What’s the biggest take away you have experienced from being active in CTP Teams?

The biggest take away I have experienced from being active in CTP Teams is that determination and stick-to-it-ness can work wonders!

As a team you always accomplish more and although the goals may be different from player to player they all align to become a great marketer through CTP!

5. And finally, one piece of advice that you would give all new surfers just getting started in the business?

For those that are just starting in the business I first commend you! You couldn’t have come into a better part of the NET at a better time!

The main thing I would recommend is to take your time and go through all the CTP Training and Certification. You’ll learn so much that puts you on the right path to success.
Just be patient and know that in time you to will be successful!

Well it wouldn’t be a new season of CTP Teams without a hiccup or two….

Good news, everything is fixed and ready to rock. We apologize for this latest mishap and in hindsight we shouldn’t have started the season on a Friday. Lesson learned!

Now we have a little bit of news that I described in the video about but here is the nitty gritty…

All Vault N Key promos are now worth 2 POINTS, rather than 1.

Here’s our reasoning behind this…

The Daily Challenge and Sub Games are lightyears ahead in popularity for surfers to complete. Surfers are claiming points quicker at 35 page views and 50 page views so we need to spice things up a bit.

Instead of taking away points which would send everything into a tail spin, at midnight tonight all Vaults that are claimed will be worth 2 points.

This hopefully levels the playing field for all the scoring and adds more excitement for our promo partners and surfers that enjoy the Vaults.

Hope you guys enjoy the changes….So far, the season looks like it’ll be a HUGE win!

Huge Update: The Season Starts At 10am, March 3rd….

Here we go…The 9th season of CTP Teams is here and this is the result of 8 seasons of competition, to deliver you the most exciting surfing competition in the industry!

We heard you loud and clear and we hope you enjoy the changes for this next season of CTP Teams:

HURRICANE SEASON START: March 3rd at 10am Eastern



The Details, Rules and Juicy Stuff….

We’re using the same scoring system as the previous season. This seemed to be the best way to score the daily competitions and made it as even as can be for all the teams. To win you match ups, your team simply completes more promos that your competition. That earns you a win.

The Big Change Part 1

We have a schedule set up for the season and YES…… Teams will be having days off. We heard you loud and clear!

The Big Change Part 2

As the scoring will be the same as last season, the biggest issue was that well…Some teams are just absolute powerhouses.

So we needed a way that EVERY team felt like they could compete, but still allow the power house teams to compete as much as they do!

Going off some great suggestions (Rob Paris, thank you for your ideas!) we are going to go with two divisions similar to the first season of CTP Teams;

The Premiere and The Competitive Divisions

The Premiere Division will have the teams that have over 11 members in them. These teams will compete against each other multiple times throughout the season but will NOT go against teams in the Competitive Division.

The Competitive Division will go against teams with 10 members or less and will not compete versus teams in the Premiere Division.

What Does This Mean For The Playoffs?

Two ‘playoffs and two finals for both divisions ๐Ÿ™‚

The Big Change Part 3

The season will have teams playing a total of 50 games with a few breaks for Easter and Mother’s Day sprinkled throughout…But the big change will be the introduction of ‘The All Star Game’ in the mid point of the season (April 7-9). This is going to be an absolute blast and we’ll have more details about that as we get closer to it ๐Ÿ™‚

But What About XP?

Glad you asked! Yes, XP will play a huge role in the season because as you read above…We’re basing each competition with points. Earn points by completing a promo AND trading in your XP….To earn one point you can trade 1 Million CTP XP and bam, your team has an extra point. This is why the Season Pass Multiplier is critical….Read on…

The Season Pass Individual Multiplier

This seasons’s special multiplier will be sponsored by Justin, Tim and Jon….It’s the CTP Season Pass Multiplier! Grab a Hurricane Season Pass through this link and we’ll give your team a 7x multiplier for all XP earned…

The Season Pass Team Multiplier

Want to give your WHOLE team a HUGE bonus….Check out the brand new ‘League Pass’ where every single member of your team gets a 9x Multiplier!

Already got a 7x multiplier?

Not a problem….That’s ADDED to your bonuses as well!

The Daily Competitions

We heard you loud and clear and we hope you guys love the changes. We listened to your recommendations and this is the formula we came up with from your suggestions from previous seasons! Again, last season we think we found a very good ‘comfortable medium’ for everyone!

– Get rid of the massive subscriber bonuses and bonuses for purchasing.
– Focus more on surfing, this helps the surfers and the promo partners
– Implement the two divisions again to level the playing field and let people actually compete for positions daily!

We hope you enjoy the changes and are as excited as we are to CRUSH IT with the Hurricane Season!

*Please note – There may be changes during the season. We do our best to provide a fun and exciting environment for competition. However we reserve the right to change things up as needs be. With that said, we do our best to never do massive changes in the middle of the season. Crossing our fingers, but we think this is the best set up we’ve ever done because of YOUR feedback and participation!

Arguably one of the most unique and fun loving members of Click Track Profit, Charles Smith has been a mainstay since day one. The popular owner of Top Flight Traffic and Advanced Safelist has been around the industry for quite sometime, so we thought it would be a great time to finally ask….How does one become as awesome as Charles Smith?

1. How did I stumble upon Click Track Profit? But the real question I wanna know is…What made you order that jerk chicken for me all those years ago….We need to know the story!

Charles: I was with Click Track Profit from the beginning. I remember back in the old days when we used to hang out at TElive on a daily basis. I became attached to what I viewed a as a community of like minded individuals. My belief is sharing a meal is sharing friendship. I was in the room one day when Jon mentioned he didn’t know what he was gonna choose for dinner. So I sprang into action and remembered Jon liked Jamaican food and I remembered the place he ordered from on a regular basis. So I looked up the number and called and asked what was Jon’s favorite dish. I believe it was rice and peas and jerk chicken.

(Side note from Jon: It was arguably one of the biggest surprises of my life and I was so grateful that Charles did this. It was different. It was unique and I’ll remember him for my entire life because of that one act of kindness…)

2. You took your time, but are now a traffic exchange owner. What made you decide to make the jump into ownership?

First off I was very sad to hear that Randy Ritter had lost his battle with cancer. He was one of a few people that I could really talk to about the industry. I was surfing Legacy Hits and I noticed that Topflighttraffic.com was in rotation and it showed as an expired domain. Knowing that Randy Ritter had passed I just figured it would be renewed by whomever held the site. That put me into detective mode.

I spoke with a few folks in the community and heard through the grapevine that TopFlightTraffic was for sale so I pursued the leads and became the 2nd owner. I felt compelled to continue Randy’s passion. There was a glitch a cyber squatter took the topflighttraffic.com name and was holding it for a price that was insane. I was compelled to continue on in my endeavor and used TopFlightTraffic.net instead. I then gave the site a facelift and the rest as they say is history.

3. You’ve been not only active in the teams, but also in this community for so many years. How important is it for new members to stay the course and roll up their sleeves to get to know other members?

It is crazy to see the amount of people that come and go. I feel it is important especially for the new folks to dig in and be consistent with whatever they choose to do. It is important to become known and trusted by people in your niche.

4. What’s the best and worst experience you have had in CTP?

The best experience I have had in CTP is meeting new people and seeing them stay with it. The worst experience I have had are with the pitch meisters that come out of the woodwork and disrupt the community.

5. The number one piece of advice from Charles, to any new member would be…….

Take a deep breathe, If it sounds too good to be true… Meet folks, you cannot succeed on your own and lastly have fun.

ctp teams hurricane season 9

The 9th season of CTP Teams is getting started on March 3rd and we have a few notes to share with you before we launch!

First up, massive congratulations to both Sig Skeie and Kathy Dyer for winning the co-MVP for Season 8! We held a vote via Twitter and both these awesome sauce players tied for the number of votes by you, their peers! Congrats to both of you for representing everything we LOVE about CTP Teams!

Next, we will have an official rules for the Hurricane Season post in the next few days. Be sure to stay tuned for that….

Also, you can now secure your Hurricane Season Pass inside your members area. This pass gets you a 7x multiplier for the entire season and playoffs!

And finally…We wanna hear from you! And reward you for sharing with others why you LOVE CTP Teams!

Simply comment below for your chance to win an official CTP Teams coffee mug or t-shirt…Share with others why you love the competition. Why you love your team mates! How much you’ve learned working with others…We wanna hear why YOU love this community and competition!

I’ll be picking a winner before March 3rd ๐Ÿ™‚

Get ready….It’s going to be a blast!!!

Update: Congrats to Gavin McLean for winning the mug! I’ll be getting in touch with you to get your mailing address to ship it to you! Congrats!!

As one of the most active affiliates in the traffic exchange industry, Scott Rohn has seen a lot! A regular blogger and hardcore affiliate for ClickTrackProfit, we touched base with him to hear his thought son CTP, affiliate marketing and the importance of blogging.

Scott is the author of Scott Rohn’s Thoughts and has been featured on Mentor Strategies via BlogTalkRadio.

1. How did I stumble upon Click Track Profit?

Well let me think. Oh yea I remember was walking along and I tripped over one of those little boulders and hit me head on the ground when I woke up CTP was right there.

No just Kidding….

Seriously um wow back I’d say 2007 or so I wanted to start making money online…You know live the good life. And I tried everything. Go Go 20 , Rich Jerk, Plug & Profit the list goes on. Oh before I tried to make money online.

I tried Don Lapre’s program and Charleton Sheets Real Estate program. I can’t remember exactly what program it was. But I put together an online hardware store.

I called it Hanks Hardware. How I came up with the name is one night. My brother in law and I were in a bar, and the bartender asked me my name. I told her to guess, and she said You look like a Hank.
So every time we went in there she’s say Hi Hank. But nothing was working. So I quit. Then around March / April on 2009 I got a postcard from storesonline inviting me to a live event they were having.

So my wife and I went had lunch on them and paid like $29 for a store. Of course it was only a startup store with allot of limitations. Of course they invited all the guests to a Bigger conference a few weeks later.

I went and committed to a $6,000 Pro contract. To get an online store with all the whistles. So I went to work on my store decided to call it Alpine Cameras. And I might say it was a good looking store. One of the support techs at storesonline even made me a cool header but getting eyes on it was a pain.

I tried everything they were teaching me about SEO. So while looking for ways to advertise my store I stumbled upon traffic exchanges. The first one I joined was Lords Of Traffic. And I promoted the heck out of my store. Only I didn’t know about splash pages or squeeze pages. In fact I knew nothing about TE’s. And there was no Click Track Profit around at that time to show me. So Yes I promoted my entire site. But I did know enough to know I had to expand my horizons. I needed to joining more traffic exchanges.

So I joined sites like Tezak Traffic Power, Startxchange, and others. Then while surfing I saw ads for Worldprofit. 50,000 credits so I joined and I have to tell you. I learned allot there. The friday morning sessions with George Kosch played a huge part in the way I promote today….

He said something like promote as much as you can in as many places you can until you don’t want to do it anymore. Then go promote some more. And He didn’t just tell us to do it. He did it himself. So I started with Worldprofit to promote my camera store. But eventually that went by the wayside when I was making money with it, and I couldn’t make the payments.

Oh and it was about this time I enrolled in the Pittsburg Online Art Institute for Graphic Design. But missed one class and got booted plus a owed money UGH!. So now my entire concentration was now on World Profit. And of course with them You got your own site, and Blog if you wanted one for a little extra ( One time price) You could have your blog hosted by them as long as you were a paying member of Worldprofit.

My site was BestBiz 5000, and my blog was BestBiz 5000 Blog. With articles mostly from Dr Lant. And of course I learned about landing pages email marketing. And Yes I did make money here and there with World Profit. My sponsor Linda Elze was the weekly, Monthly, Yearly Sales Champ when I was there and it looks likes she is still the top Dog there. I mention that because I learned allot from Linda.

Then around 2011 I started seeing these ads with these three lunatics throwing snowballs at each other. I knew who Tim Linden was but I had no clue who the other two guys were. and they kept mentioning this other guy from Canada Jon Olson and yes I knew who Jon was by this time I had joined I Love Hits and had been to a couple TE Lives. I went a couple times when It was on UStream when I could remember it was on.
I was like what the Heck is this. But the more I saw the more intrigued I got.

So finally I joined Click Track Profit. and the two other guys turned out to be Justin Ledvina one of the best business minds I’ve ever heard and Larry Dame. Who I miss having around he was ok even for a Red Sox fan. So that’s my story on how I stumbled upon Click Track Profit.

2. Something you have embraced more than most in the industry is the power of video on your squeeze pages, how important has that been to your advertising?

As far as embracing the use of video I gotta give you the credit. You were basically the only one talking about it. I remember when You guys would give away Flip Cams. I think Blain Jones was one of the first guys to get a Flip Cam while at least he was the first to use it. And he made some Awesome videos. I was like ok if I ever win a Flip Cam I’ll start making videos. But then I got to the point where I was like I’m just going to start making videos. I have a web cam, why do I need to wait for a Flip Cam?

My first video was kinda of goofy I would talk while different effects kept happening around me, Rain Snow Bang Explosions etc. Like I said a goofy video. But nobody bite my head off and I kinda liked doing it. So I kept making videos for my pages and even did a couple video tours of a couple sites and tutorial videos. And eventually I spent some Money and bought a Cannon Powershot A2500. and started making videos with that.

For the second part of your question. OMG it has helped me Tremendously. Before that I was putting my Pic and name on my splash pages using Adkreator and Awesome program . And I was starting to become known. But doing video, Man that just put me over the top with being known. I’m sure there are some who don’t know who I am Yet! I’ll get to them eventually.

As far as The results I get I’ve found I don’t have to get a ton of hits to get good results. When I was doing research on what makes High Converting squeeze pages. The number 1 answer was video.

3. Speaking of promoting and advertising, what the biggest tip other than adding video to your squeeze page that you could offer members looking to get better results?

The biggest Tip I could give anyone is well there is a couple things, don’t go program hoping find something and stick to it.

Or better Yet Promote Yourself, Build your lists.

Then promote to your list. But You have to go at it like a mad man. Promote Promote Promote the Promote some more.

If you own a Program a TE or whatever. You have no business promoting anything else Look at the Legacy Guys they are where they are because they worked there asses off. They didn’t open another TE until Legacy Hits was well on it way. Not like some of these people who open a traffic exchange get to 300- 500 members think there a success then Open More Traffic Exchanges. And the funny thing is if you look at what there promoting its everything but there Traffic Exchanges.

As for an affiliate Promote You first. No matter if you List Build or not Promote You First. As far as Ownership I don’t currently won anything right now. But there could be something in the future. Were getting a _ _ _ _ ton of Cash from My In Laws from the sale of there house. So yea will see what the future holds . But Yea promote yourself and promote as often as you can in as many places as you can!

4. You’ve also taken big steps to practice consistent blogging! How has that experience helped or hurt your online business?

First of all this isn’t my first blog I had a couple other but they never seemed to latch on. So Last year when I made the choose to get into List Building I thought why not a blog.

And I’ll tell it more people seem to know about compared to my other blogs. I just wish Marcus would stop calling me Scott Rohns Thoughts when I login to there show ha ha who am I kidding its Awesome when He does. Blogging as actually helped me with my business, It has helped people get to know me even more. And thanks to a couple rants, People might have discovered I can be a bit opinionated. Yes Blogging as definitely helped me with my business!

5. If you could leave new marketers with one piece of advice, what would that be?

Lets see I would tell them to learn from those that came before them. Learn from there mistakes!

If something sounds to good to be true. It probably. Get Rich quick doesn’t exist. Online or offline.

I would tell them to Promote themselves Build there Lists Promote to there lists. Promote as often as possible! Use video and start a blog!

ctp teams players

It’s been a while since our last Meet The Player feature and with Season 9 right around the corner, we felt it would be a great time to fire these posts up again!

And what better way than to check in with one of the busiest guys on the busy. The VERY opinionated and dedicated owner / team player….Rob Paris – Owner of CrusinXchange and leader of Team Crusin’ Along!


1. Youโ€™ve been involved in the industry for years, how did you stumble upon ClickTrackProfit?

In the T.E. industry I came across StartXchange and liked the young bloke who was just starting out and liked what I saw.

So I was quickly involved with the team side of it there at StartXchange we had a great time and built relationships I can say 15 years plus on I still talk with those same people.
Unfortunately I have seen a few depart us also.

When ClickTrackProfit came along you could say I had a foot in the door and of course was eager to see what new things it could bring to the table.

I have enjoyed my time in CTP and it has opened new doors for me and I am sure while I am breathing I will be involved in CTP.

2. I remember you sitting on cam with us for an entire weekend few years back on our marathon live streaming eventโ€ฆ.What attracted you to this community and how did you stay awake that long?

Yes that was a while back where do we start I think it was 24 or 28 hours the first one then a few years down the track we where at 102 hours.

After doing one and filling in the gaps I guess I stuck at it so people could see anyone could get on cam no matter how big a goose you may come across as we all enjoy entertainment.
To keep going all those time I think it was something in the cancer treatment I was doing that made you say well your not getting me today one day turns into another and so the show goes on.

The best part about the community that was and is still around today is that with out them I would not have got as far as I did, it gave you have highlights as in the first timers I was able to encourage to jump on cam, yes that will keep you going seeing others taking the leap.

3. Youโ€™ve always been a very vocal supporter of teams, how important has networking and building relationships been to your business?

I have most probably covered this question back in question one. But I will say no networking or building team relationships I can only think it would be a lonely path to tread online.

4. Speaking of business, CruisinXchange is a huge partner in the upcoming season, what can we look forward to with your program in 2017?

CruisinXchange the TE that was not meant to be. What started out as a experimental platform from back in my early days in StartXchange where we had a few TE owners on our team that turned into a working TE because someone went and gave it a plug.
My Plan was to just run CruisinXchange as a test TE well that has changed and the TE that was going to be built from that experiment is still been built. Maybe this year.

I will always be a supporter of CTP at CruisiXchange and while it stays viable I will run as many cross promo’s with CTP as I can. I have no major changes planned for CruisinXchange except fine tuning and adding what I learn from building my othere TE and of Course SealifeHits in some ways I well always keep CruisinXchange as a test platform in what I try.

Good example everyone says Run OTO’s well CruisinXchange dosn’t so if it is a bit different you will find it at CruisinXchange.

5. If you could leave new marketers with one piece of advice, what would that be?

One bit of advice well that is pretty standard from me get a product believe in it and make that what you sell don’t be sidetracked by the next shiny thing that comes along.

Software has always served me well and is my backstop online it is not hard to find something that will appeal to people just remember if it got you excited then it will others.

As we say here when you’re on a good thing stick with it.

It’s time once again….

As we get ready for a new exciting season of CTP Teams, we are looking to make Season 9 the best ever.

Lots of changes were made last season and while there was some concern on how it all played out, we saw some great changes from your input and feedback.

Let’s get the big one of out the bag…We heard you loud and clear, so Season 9 WILL include days off. Teams won’t be competing each and every day.

Now as for keeping it competitive for everyone, this truly is the challenge.

A few things to note:

– There are some big new changes coming for Promo Partners who host their promos with us for Season 9. We are introducing ‘Chests’ later this week and people will start to see what all that means soon. So keep in mind, ‘Chests’ will play a big part in your experience for this upcoming season. Not so much in scoring, but…You’ll see ๐Ÿ˜‰

– There seems to be a few teams that compete each and every season and then a big bulk that don’t…We would love to hear YOUR feedback and constructive input on how we can make it to that again, all teams feel like they can compete.

– Please remember, to be a team leader YOU MUST have an active Kore4 subscription. If your team does not have a Kore4 leader, the team may be disbanded before the start of Season 9.

– The big thing to keep in mind for everyone reading this, we want this to be an enjoyable experience and rewarding one as well. The relationships you build with your fellow team members truly is the gold in these competitions. With that in mind, we are looking for idea that are a benefit to both…Promo partner and Competitor. We’d love to hear your ideas on how to make this a win-win for both parties!

This is a never ending challenge for us, which we embrace and accept. Finding the perfect formula for the CTP Teams competition is an on-going process. But with your awesome input and ideas, we know we can make this next season the best one yet!