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Author: Tim Linden

We’ve been whistling while we worked, but since we can’t whistle very well, we worked fast to get this done. But in celebration of ILoveHits and StartXchange turning 15 years old, we’ve added 7  new variations of the surfing badges. When you claim a surfing badge there is a chance you’ll also get one of them:

As the names say, they go from easiest to get to hardest. We’ve already seen common and uncommon badges, but if you claim a scarce or higher let us know!

There has been a secret strategy on some teams that has been giving them an advantage. It’s been a secret for far too long. I hope my teamates don’t ban me from my team for spilling the beans.

It’s Badge Sponsorships.

When you sponsor a badge you get your message shown every time someone claims the badge. It’s a great way to get your message visible, repeatedly, for a whole month. But there is a bit of fine print that most people don’t notice.

They give out XP..  To the person who sponsors it!

When you sponsor a badge, every time someone claims the badge, it gives the sponsor XP. And that XP gets the same XP and team bonus multipliers as any other XP. So essentially these sponsored badges are secret xp generating machines. They are working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the entire month.

It might not seem like much to you, but when you take that small amount of XP, multiply it by your bonuses, and then repeat it hundreds of times a day, it adds up quick.

Now for the best part!

We’re doing a crazy sale on them. Normally we charge $5 for a month of sponsorship, but until the playoffs start they will be $3. And it’ll stay at $3 for as long as you keep the subscription active. That subscription locks in your sponsorship for that badge.

To sponsor a badge you can either click the sponsor link on that badge, or you can goto the badge sponsor page and see some badges that are available (it refreshes randomly showing you recently claimed badges). Enjoy!

EDIT: The Season Starts TONIGHT At Midnight, January 18th….

If you missed our informational meeting about changes being made for the upcoming season, have no fear, there was no meeting. You can make the next one. All kidding aside we’ve made some big changes for the upcoming season, here are the latest details:

SEASON 5 START: Jan 18th 12am EST

SEASON 5 END: Feb 29th 11:59pm EST

PLAYOFFS BEGIN: March 3rd 12am EST

PRIZE POOL: $1000 + $1 each win

Teams are collecting Points

There will be a playoffs like previous seasons, except this time your placement will be based on team points NOT the win loss record. Every day teams can collect points, whether they win or lose the competition for the day the points count towards the playoff placements.

The Point Breakdown

One point will be given for every 3 vault games, 7 sub games, 5 eggs, or 1 million XP collected. The points for the team are based on an aggregate total of all qualified team members. So if a member is qualified and completes 1 vault game, another team member can complete 2 more to score a point for the team.

To Qualify

Every day at 12 AM EST a “new day” begins. To Qualify you must complete one Tier of the Daily Challenge plus 3 sub games and 3 vault and key games. Once this happens any XP you’ve earned while unqualified will be released and added to your team total, and any sub games, vaults, or eggs you collect will start to count towards your team.

The Daily Challenge Multiplier

There are 5 tiers to the Daily Challenge. If you complete 1 tier, your vaults will count as one. But if you complete 2 tiers every time you complete a vault you’ll be adding TWO to your team total. Complete all 5 tiers and you are now adding 5 vaults every time you play!

The eHost Multiplier

If you host your site or blog with our Season 5 Sponsor, eHost, your entire team will receive a multiplier bonus. It works exactly like the Daily Challenge multiplier except it applies to everyone on your team. If 10 people on your team switch to eHost, you’ll have a 10x multiplier that lasts the entire Season 5.

The Daily Competitions

Every day you’ll be playing against another team to see who can claim the most points for the day. The team who wins will receive $1 towards their Team Cash, and will score 10 bonus points towards their playoff placements. On Sundays the bonus points will be 10% of the points collected for the day.

Jon was live on Blab today and went over the details for the brand new Season….

Today’s the first day for the CTP Playoffs, and we’ve already seen a lot of fun happening. We’ll be live blogging here for the next 48 hours. Leave the page open and updates will show up automatically!

This is going to knock your socks off! CTP will be having special events where you work individually, as a team, and as a whole site wide to earn bonuses! It’s going to be super fun, and one has just started! Here’s how it works:

For the next 24 hours you’ll be able to earn a 10% individual bonus, 50% team bonus, and a 100% site wide overall bonus! To get this bonus all you have to do is surf StartXchange:

  1. YOU Surf 1000 pages to earn yourself a 10% individual bonus
  2. YOUR TEAM Surfs 10,000 pages as a team to earn a 50% team bonus
  3. ALL OF CTP Surfs 100,000 pages to earn a 100% team bonus

Here’s the catch: The event lasts 24 hours, and the bonuses go away when the event ends. So the sooner you earn the bonus, the longer you’ll have it!

This event Starts: 1PM EST 9/17/2014
This event Ends: 1PM EST 9/18/2014

Badge Pioneers are the savvy badge collectors who were first to claim a badge. Yes, we brought back the old school Kings, but named them Pioneers now! If you previously had Kings, you’ll now see them as Pioneers.

I know it sounds silly, but it was Walter’s Tweet that sparked my brain. Call it a brain fart, but I forgot that we took snapshots of the database 3 times a day. When I first thought of the backups I thought well if I restore a cPanel backup, it will overwrite **everything** so any new badges or XP claimed would be lost. When I went to reply to his tweet, I was going to say yeah we do backups 3 times a day but it’s not that simple. And that’s when I remembered the 3 extra backups only contained the database, in text format, so I could actually recover the old Kings.

I hope this resolves any issues. Now as for the name, a Pioneer is a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area. I feel that fits the concept better than King. When I think of King I think of King of the Hill, or the fact that Kings can be overthrown by new Kings. But a Pioneer, you can’t argue that. No matter what Neil Armstrong will be the first man on the moon, nobody can take that away from him.

While I was restoring the Pioneer functions, I realized it was actually a daily cron job doing it. Booooooring. Now when you are first to claim a badge, it alerts you and you get listed as a Pioneer right away.

Hey Guys..  I wanted to apologize about the way Kings of Badges were changed. I was very focused on adding fun to that feature that I didn’t think about the excitement of finding a badge first and being able to show off you got it first. I’m going to go over what the new way is below, so you can see that I was trying to add fun, not take it away. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to go back and give users the Kings back. We only store the last time a badge was claimed, not the first time.

The intention was to bring Sitizens like fun where the King was the person who claimed it the most. People really had fun with that, and let’s face it some of those badges are really hard to get every day so for someone to have claimed say the surf 1000 badge the most, that’s quite the accomplishment. I wanted to reward that accomplishment with team bonuses.

The reason I changed it from the old way, quite simply, was because the only way to give people a chance to be King, is to create a new badge. The old way once you are King, you are King for life, so nobody else could have a chance at being King.

On top of that, especially for our partner exchanges that give out badges, it adds an incentive to keep coming back. Maybe you really are the most hardcore surfer at SurfSkeleton. The old way someone who went one time could have your King badge. The new way now you could claim it back.

I realize now my post made it look really bad. I got excited and didn’t talk to the team about it in depth. We could have added a different feature in, keeping both, but I didn’t think of it at the time. I just remember how fun it was to compete against the guys on Sitizens that I wanted to bring that to CTP Teams as well.

ARRRRG. I liked Sitizens a lot. So today I decided to make Kingships work like they did in Sitizens. The person who claims the badge the most becomes King, but only if they keep their spot!

It just didn’t seem fair that some people were King of a badge but haven’t claimed that badge in 2 years. So I decided to be a pirate and take all the kingships away! Never fear, you can easily gain them back by claiming the badge again. Just watch out, someone else might claim it more than you!

Every Kingship adds a bonus to your team, so be smart and work together to collect as many as you can as a team!

We love getting feedback from CTP Members, especially about the teams. We think they are fun, and want them to always be fun.

One of the top complaints was the XP inbalance when it comes to free activities vs paid activities. We came up with a few methods where you could earn XP doing things that cost money.

Well, with the recent addition of XP on Surfing Badges and today (it’s not officially announced yet) we’ve added XP to NerdSurfing badges. This gives you plenty of opportunities for earning XP without spending any money.

We hope this balances out the playing field and helps everyone have more fun. And with so many TEs giving out XP Surfing Badges now there is no reason not to be earning XP 😉

This is really cool. The new benefit to Kore4 this month is an ever increasing bonus for your team! Here’s how it works..

Every time you renew your Kore4, your team gets a 100% bonus – 1 day for every month you’ve been upgraded!

7-1-2014 2-22-09 PMHere you can see that boxtop renewed Kore4 today, he’s been Kore4 for 3 months now so his team gets 100% bonus for 3 days!