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This is not a political post. Just wanted to motivate you all to utilize the full power and potential of your social networks. Afterall if it played a pivotal role in getting Mr. Trump the most powerful position in the world, surely it can help you build your business!!



Wow and Wow!!

What an amazing couple weeks it has been here in the United States. No matter what your political affiliation, or your personal philosophy you have to give your hat off to Mr, Trump and his team in one critical area, social media. I can’t think of any better example than his recent utilization of Twitter to get his message out and to motivate like no one has before.

I’ve been a proponent of using social media for your business. It’s a wonderful way to reach out to new people. And the more you learn, the more you realize how powerful of a tool this can be. As you connect and interact with other users, the more you stick out. And if you do so in a responsive, professional, and friendly manner more people will connect with you. If you continue to do this you will brand yourself light, and see some real results. Now depending on your goals, this could be increased sales, networking connections, etc. Now considering all this why aren’t more people doing this, do people need more examples?? Well if Mr. Trumps recent success doesn’t convince and motivate them, what will?

I would highly recommend that you update all your social networks. Start interacting with your current connections, build a larger base, and add some content that attracts users.

Best of luck in emulating Mr. Trump!!

presleymainTattoo Revised 3

Hey guys. Please watch the video for a welcome and a new addition I’ll be doing to the blog.


That being said, I notice a wonderful thing today here at ctp and the teams. I realized beyond family and friends, the people I speak most with are my team members here, at various te’s, and in general the ctp community alltogether.

I mean you have the obvious communication such as strategy and razzing the other teams. But beyond this as the seasons have gone by you have made some great freinds I bet, maybe a few enemies as well, lol. Seriously though let’s take a moment and look back. We have seen team work that rivals some professional sports. Teams coming together and forming there own partnerships and joint ventures, with everything in between.

Of course we all talk business. But from politics to well maybe not religion, we spend a good deal of our time with our team members. So next time your putting “value” on lists, don’t forget your team members. They should and probably are some of your most valuable resources. And we all know how I value out of the norm lists.

So go hug a teammate today!!

Hey guys. Long time no post.

As I’m getting my office together and getting The Socialites more focused on what I had in mind for a long time. I thought why not start blogging again as well.

Now I might still come out with my own blog. But to me it makes more sense just to do it here. It’s as good as anywhere.

Was very happy to listed as a contributor here, so really wanted to utilize this if I can do it justice.

So to go with my theme of the post of “focusing” for the time being and forseeable future I will be doing all my industry related blogging here.

One more apologies to the community and especially my team. With my recent move, setting up new space, and time with issues with sites haven’t haven’t been around much. Hope to be more so now.

Now on to the subject matter.

I’m a dreamer by nature. Always having this thought or another. Now this may sound great. But I’ve had issues with so many ideas about spreading myself too thin. This just leads to the same amount of energy being used on many different areas that you would with one. So learned long ago to force myself to focus on one thing.

By doing this you will really see a difference in your efforts. Jon has talked about this in past streams. Set a goal daily, weekly, monthly, perhaps yearly.

No matter what happens throughout the year make sure nothing stops you from achieving these goals. And even reward yourself. Say if you reach your yearly goal get a ipad or something.

I know this is a simplistic post about something well know. Sometimes the easy lessons are one’s we take for granted. “KISS” is something I’m learning myself.

LoL I will end here.

As always I welcome your thoughts and comments and will surely respond.

Being “Social” and getting into a conversation is quite simple. Turning this conversation into a long term relationship requires a bit more time and care.

I’m sure we all have gotten into some great conversations with people on twitter, facebook, skype, and the te chat rooms, to only have it degrade to the person is only talking about their stuff. They turn into the “expert” and claim anyone differing with them is just plain mistaken πŸ™‚

Come on you know what I’m talking about, we all have seen or been on the receiving end of this.

Finding those that are truly looking for a valuable exchange of ideas and a real conversation have one innate ability that is easy to spot. They actually will stop talking and let the other person speak. And will also delve further into the conversation by asking questions to the other person.

So let’s turn this on it’s head. If your wanting to be seen as a person who is open to many views, looking to have meaningful exchanges, and perhaps learn something than developing the ability to listen is of primary importance. There is a certain bit of bravado built into the type of business we do, but that’s the challenge is to keep that in check. A fine balancing act for some πŸ™‚

I mean I could point you to so many people that have huge “lists” or a ton of followers on said social networking site, but don’t engage them. And they most certainly listen or respond to what these people are trying to convey to them. Now this doesn’t mean you have to get into a long drawn out exchange with everyone you have contact with. It’s easy to filter alot of the people who are wasting your time with crap. Just by what they are saying, or the manner in which they are doing it. Now if they pass the first test, the second easy test is wait for their response. If it doesn’t come there way too “smart” to take time to communicate with us lesser beings, or it’s just automated crap.

So once you have started a meaningful exchange, take a bit of time before you throw your stuff in their face. Now this even includes your opinion. Give them some time to “sell” ya on what their bringing to your attention. Perhaps what they are saying does have value, or you may even discover you alot of things in common. Once they are done, than you can start asking questions and do further follow up. And as you do this, you might even have to find a place to drop your stuff on them. Many will begin to probe you for your thoughts and become inquisitive about you naturally from this sort of conversation.

A easy example many guys can identify with is let the woman talk about herself before you try to dazzle them with your “greatness” And if your a guy and don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, I feel for ya brother πŸ™‚

In the right situation the best way to get noticed, is to try not to be noticed. So many people online try the “Hey pay attention to me” approach. Reminds me of the people in school that were always trying to be the teacher’s pet, or the self appointed class clown. The pet was annoying, especially to the teacher, and the comedian was never as funny as they themselves thought they were.

Believe me I know it’s hard, especially in this medium. But just breathe and let the other person talk a bit, it might surprise you on the results you see from doing this.

I’ll just end on a few thoughts.

Beware the quiet one’s

“And ’tis remarkable that they talk most who have the least to say”

-Matthew Prior

And on that I’ll listen, and see what you have to say.

Presley Mitchell

Tattoo Revised 3

First I would like to thank Jon for the opportunity to add my 1/2 cent here at CTP teams!! I plan to focus the majority of my blogs on the “Social” aspects of our industry. Not just ways I have found effective in growing your followings and all that standard fair, but to suggest we focus on quality vs quantity. But more importantly make this “Social” blog, well Social πŸ™‚ Really want to encourage your thoughts, ideas, and feedback.

For my initial post wanted to cover a topic that really irks me. Not just in the Social theater, but in all aspects of business. When someone calls themselves an “expert” in anything several thoughts come to my mind. The initial one is, “Wow this guy is full of himself, you might want to take your shirt off because your humility sure isn’t showing” I mean there’s nothing wrong with confidence in oneself. That’s a key trait to have to be a business owner. But one can be confident and humble at the same time.

Along with the over inflated view of oneself this person must have, I also think well they will never learn anything new. I mean if you know it all, why bother reviewing your current knowledge, and increasing it. You know everything right, so why bother consulting with others and doing any research? They have already branded themselves as a non expert in my eyes.

My third and final thought is, I don’t recall anyone who ever called themselves a “expert” or “guru” actually living up to their self proclaimed greatness. If your truly a step above others in your field than others will call you that. So unless everyone drops what they are doing when you enter a room, and give you a standing ovation, than I think we all some growing to do.

Another aspect of these type of people are they are very stand offish and rarely take the time to engage with their audience. Which in most fields just proves that you think your better than most, in the Social arena it immediately calls the bluff of your so called guru status. And this is where I segue into my primary reason of this post.

Call it Social Networking 101 if you want. But in order to get any value from you social following, you must engage them. And no this doesn’t end with, hey thanks for following me. Now the side thing is so many people don’t even do this. I mean come on, atleast acknowledge them people, lol. And as first impressions are so important in the social arena, the initial greeting can set the tone for your entire relationship with a person, or the lack thereof. So always thank the person for taking interest in what your talking about, and than open the door for further discussion down the road. A simple I hope to speak with you sometime, or looking forward to our future discussions can go so far.

Now once you’ve opened up the lines of communication, take it a step further. Dedicate a bit of time each day to look at the people who follow you. In many cases you can easily muddle through the non pertinent followers, just by looking at their profile or general descriptions. Once you’ve done this and have found some interesting contacts, than do a bit of research. Visit their sites or blogs, see what product, field, or talent you may have in common. Once you’ve picked a few “prime” followers, engage them further. And it’s as easy as, “Hey I really like your site” or “I checked out your blog, that was a excellent post” Now once you have shown some interest in what they are doing, people naturally open up. And from personal experience I can tell you how effective this is. When so many don’t even acknowledge a follower, let alone engage with them on a deeper level, there are so many untapped contacts and potentially valuable people up for grabs.

As the conversation continues to grow with this person, other people will see how you engage your followers. And than the snowball effect begins. More and more people will directly attempt to engage you. The reciprocity in being “Social” with someone is a very understated and misunderstood commodity. So I challenge you to go to all your social networks today and just see who has been following and attempting to engage with yourself. And just do a general inventory of your “lists” of followers to try to find some gems in there. And I will end it here, as the previous sentence hints at the topic of my next blog. Plus I have a tendency to ramble if I don’t check myself. Probably too late for that, but what can you do.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my initial blog post here at CTP Teams. Again I strongly urge feedback, discussion, and even constructive criticism.

Be well, and remember to “Get your social on” each and every day.

Presley Mitchell