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Author: Justin Ledvina

And The Winners Are......

Wow, what an epic event! Our off seasons here at CTP Teams are quite enjoyable including our most recent Badge Hunt where we awarded $500 in real cash prizes to these awesome sauce members below;

  1. Elina Balashova $70 tied for 1st
  2. Jo-Anne Muller $70 tied for 1st
  3. Candis Luther $15
  4. Leone Marziano $15
  5. Paul Wharton $15
  6. Rip Van Sky $15
  7. George Nikolis $15
  8. Tony Calabrese $15
  9. Deborah Cook $15
  10. Stephen Whittle $15
  11. Kathy Dyer $15
  12. Colleen Fitten $15
  13. John Novak $15
  14. Nancy Radlinger $15
  15. Hanumantha Rao Krishna Sridhar $15
  16. Mahaboobbasha Syed $15
  17. Brenda Broyles $15
  18. Ellyn Weber-Bynum $15
  19. Monty Ferbert $15
  20. Javier Godoy $15
  21. Karen Rowney $15
  22. Tracy Jupp $15
  23. Lynn M & Brian Cullen $15
  24. Kerri Foster $15
  25. Adi Calin $15


Congratulations to not only our winners but everyone who took part in this badge hunt, without you this wouldn’t be any fun to do so THANK YOU!! We’re getting ready for Season 7 in a few short weeks….Get ready, we’re about to take CTP Teams to a whole other level this time around….

Let’s rock!!!!!


Gather up your gear we’re going on a Bigfoot Badge Hunt June 1st and it’s going to be the biggest hunt we’ve ever done. With over $500 in cash plus lots of other goodies, you won’t want to miss out on this adventure. Special game card in play this time around, it’s going to be a lot of fun hunting for the mythical beast.

These are the events our promo partners lick their chops at. Activity is going to be through the roof and a trove of Bigfoot hunters will be lined up out the door waiting for your clue. The cost to host a Bigfoot game piece is only $25 the cost of 2 pizzas. Would you buy me 2 pizzas if it meant 500 new people to your list or 100 people a day surfing your site, what about having 250 comment on your Youtube video? The only limit to what you can get for the price of 2 pizzas is your creativity.

Grab your game pieces right now by clicking this link before they sell out!

ClickTrackProfit promos Daily Challenge, Vault N’ Keys and Sub Game will be super valuable during this badge hunt because they will all be part of the daily badge hunt game card. Don’t delay these spots are very limited and are grabbed up by savvy business owners quickly.

Add rocket fuel to your advertising by booking a CTP promo by clicking here. Don’t be shy we work hand and hand with first timers to make sure you’re all setup ready to go.


Round 1 Recap Round 2 Underway

Round 1 is in the books and if we had to give it one word to describe it “Blowouts” is the first to come to mind. Except for one first round gameĀ  (Beginners and Winners defeating Renegades) every top ranked team moved on in spectacular fashion. We saw some of the leagues heavy hitters step […]

Season Ends May 8th at 11:59pm EST

Playoffs Begin May 12th @ 12:01am EST

Please note: This post contains crucial information for all team players. be sure to share this with your teammates before May 12th!

The Playoffs are about to begin, it will be tournament based like previous playoffs! Where team 1 faces team 16, team 2 faces team 15 and so on…

We are making sure our promo partners are a HUGE part of these playoffs so this is how we are scoring things;

– All match ups will be CTP XP based!

– The more promos you complete, the more of a multiplier you get for your team!

– You can get a maximum of 15x multiplier (5x for completing the Daily Challenge, 5x for completing 5 Sub Games and 5x for opening 5 Vaults)

– We listened to YOUR concerns and took away the 1 million XP per dollar spent at ListViral. Instead we evened it out across the board and every dollar that is spent from now on is worth 100,000 CTP XP. No matter which TimTech program you purchase at!

Here is the payout schedule for all winning teams…

1st Place – $500
2nd Place – $250
3rd Place – $125
4th Place – $125

And remember, your teams have been winning bonus cash all season long as well!

We hope you enjoy the playoffs and good luck to the Top 16 teams for making it to the tournament!

The craziness starts on May 12th at 12:01am!