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What The Frig Is Going On?

What The Frig Is Going On?

Round Two of the Current CTP Teams Current Season G’day all from Rob P. Well for those that have not woken up to the fact we had a Restart in the CTP Teams competition. The First day of the new competition threw up some interesting things, there was movement in many teams as some readjusted. […]

Round Two of the Current CTP Teams Current Season

G’day all from Rob P.

Well for those that have not woken up to the fact we had a Restart in the CTP Teams competition.
The First day of the new competition threw up some interesting things, there was movement in many teams as some readjusted.
So that has changed the way things might go in this current competition. Time will tell

Hopefully, most of you will find most things are working properly with a bit of fine tuning still needed but the bulk of stuff is working. As I find issues or people make it known I am forwarding a list to Tim Linden regularly to get things sorted. Give it time and all should come good. Tim is a busy person with other things on his mind and a health issue but he has promised to get things right.

So in other news, I took what minimal ideas that were given in my last post and I am drafting up a list of improvements, guidelines and rules to give to TimTech to see what can be done and changed etc. If you have any feedback or ideas on what you might like to see in upcoming Teams Competitions please let me know by commenting here or sending me a message at CTP. Also if you have any input on what you would like published here please say so.

Enjoy the current season and good luck to all teams participating.


19 responses to “What The Frig Is Going On?”

  1. Dani Samuelne says:

    Hello Rob

    Thanks the good mews…my idea:

    in Nerd surf need new site, because TERL is closed!

    some new game card…

    Dani – cats003

  2. Tim Hanson says:

    Ahem ,just noticed something

    1 KORE4 Kristina Galinovic 15 100 0 9 202.9M

    2 MEMBER Rosy Di Lucia 15 100 0 7 14.9M

    I surf to surf, I like team surfing but when ya see crap like this
    it really does nothing for the competition. You are telling me that these
    2 each completed 100 vault and keys in 17 hours ? That is about 7800
    pages surfed each yet as i look at the stats that appear for both
    vault and key sites ppm and manual hits neither appear with that number of
    pages surfed. Nor does the xp that would be gained coordinate with the xp levels they are showing, should be much higher.

    Until someone makes a commitment to change this will always be a joke. Is that good for growing this community and making TE’s a somewhat viable ad source ?

    I dont think so…. Im not whining , Im just sayin….

    Integrity is like a virgin….one prick and its gone…

    Back to business, cancel this season, remove this nonsense,
    get Tonald Drump in here to makes TE’s great again

    • Shelly Lane says:

      Tim, with respect I think your math is wrong. To earn 100 keys, you would need to surf 7700-7800 pages total, that much is true. But divided across 4 TE’s that comes to 1925-1950 of surfed pages on each TE. It requires some hours of surfing but is accomplished easily enough. And if you check the stats again, I think you will find that they indeed match up with those numbers.

      There are others who surf at this level routinely, including myself. I understand it’s hard to fathom why anyone would spend so many hours clicking on TE’s. I question it myself some days! LOL

      But cheating? Nope.

    • I would like to add to all this alot of people have other jobs other than surfing all day so cant surf 1000’a of times a day

    • Cheryl Fitzjohn says:

      i saw that too we were against that team then. I think they saved them up for the subs. But lately I have to play a sub so i can get new peice. it says winner. in goodies. when i only have one play
      trump aint making anything great.

  3. soph142 says:

    Wow, would not be the 1st time possible cheating has been noted. Sadly some clickers pass over to others using the same computer! Some sites used to impose max daily clicks. That went out of the window with PayPal so it seems. Trumping heffalumps get trampled!

  4. Tim Hanson says:

    Thats all good and great miss shelly but take your math,

    yes its 4 te’s but you only get a point for each set of 2 keys
    you collect, unless something has changed===NOT on each key. Just like
    subgames, fill the card get the point.

    100 vaults @ 78 clicks per vault x 2 (ya need 2 keys for 1 vault)

    I have surfed here long enough to know the amount of XP that is gained and
    anyone that would complete that many would be much higher especially with
    those bonuses

    I didnt call anyone a cheater by the way …but thanks for defending what most already know is true.

    Im not wasting my time here anymore…..serves my business and my reason
    for advertising ZERO

  5. Kristina Galinovic says:

    Mr Tim, with respect math is simple: one complete vaults valid 2 point, not 1 as subs. So that’s 50 complete vaults and I have done it many times so far. It takes a few hours to surf for that and it is not unreachable. Accusing someone of cheating is not nice especially if that is not true. You can accuse me of anything but not for cheating because I surf myself on one computer. I know Rosy and Shelly do the same thing. If someone is good in something does not mean cheating. I do not like to comment but since my name is mentioned, I have the right to answer. That is why I will repeat the only post I have been releasing so far linked to this season before the restart. I’m in the CTP competition for 3 years but for me, that’s a great thing. I met wonderful people who helped me a lot. People from my team but also from other teams and thank you very much for that. As John said this is a game and team members need to contribute as much as they can to make this a fun and healthy competition. Each of us has its own life and responsibilities, and sometimes we are surfing a lot sometimes less. I surf because I like it and I love to compete. Each competition has its own tactics and I think the subs is tactics here so I think they should still be able to save them. The prize would motivate the members to participate and as has been said there is a lot of goodies: xp battery, tokens, prize wheel, bonus round. However there is a lot of bug which needs to fix it so that the competition would be fun and healthy. So CTP owners fix the bugs, offer some prize and return the CTP competition to what it really is fun and healthy game where people will hang out and have fun.


  6. soph142 says:

    Well I was going to give up quite soon on CTP and all TE sites. But the clickers mentioned above do THOUSANDS of daily clicks on many sites. Maybe their team leaders in CTP are not that active to see what sites they operate on! Sad team management

  7. Tim Hanson says:

    First no where in my original post did I call anyone a cheater.

    Its not a personal attack but I have been around long enough and
    i know well how it works, I have surfed 10-15000 pages in a day
    and then I realized what is the point ? What am I gaining.

    If that is your FOCUS you are missing my point.

    There is however cheating being done.

    You want to talk about team building and community and all these
    wonderful things, I couldnt agree more. Team surfing is great for that.
    Community is about togetherness sharing in a common goal. If we are advertisers
    are we in team competition just to compete or are we building business ?

    The people that are being “cheated” are the advertisers that
    come to the sites and the owners of said sites and here is why.

    If you have people surfing and surfing for hours for 1000’s of pages
    at some of these said sites you are burning other peoples advertising
    credits just to claim a gadget for some points toward some goal.
    I found out real fast that the sites involved in most of the games
    and in the “competition” do not convert well on my advertising, why ?
    because people are just clicking to click to win some pride.

    You want TE advertising to be a somewhat good way to build and advertise
    whatever you are marketing but what you are saying is counter productive
    to the community as a whole. If we are clicking through 10,000 pages in 12 hours
    are we really adding any value to the community. I personally will not
    spend money at any site that I can clearly see folks just assaulting their mouse
    to grab a penny or a badge or a point. Its a waster and its just plain counter productive.

    Your responses further affirm my opinion. Enjoy burning each others credits
    to win some fictional pride for your team, I shall take my money elsewhere.
    I am glad I got under your skin a little bit, everyone is so tender and defensive.
    Look a little deeper, want community make the community, care about each other, teach each other , grow with each other. CTP was a great start but when you pull
    back the sheets and see the amount of waste and damage that is being done to the
    community as whole it is really ugly.

    Enjoy your season, enjoy burning each other credits.

  8. Shelly Lane says:

    I think the “gamification” of the TE’s has been a double edged sword. On the one hand, it encourages one to surf more pages than they might ordinarily surf. And on CTP specifically, it encourages surfing a diverse portfolio of TE’s. Both are important for building a list and building a business. On the other hand, it also encourages surfing sites quickly to gain as many points as possible, to Tim’s point.

    I can only speak to how this works for me. When I am surfing (within the CTP game or not), it is possible that a page/ad is only my screen for a short moment before I click through to the next. However, in that short moment I am able to recognize if I’ve seen it before. If I’ve previously viewed that ad and decided that it’s not for me, it doesn’t matter if I stare at it for a few more seconds or not. I’ve already chosen not to engage with it and nothing is likely to change that. If it’s an ad I don’t recognize, I linger on it for a few moments to take a look and see what it’s offering.

    The CTP game is what it is. If one enjoys it and gains something from it, they are likely to continue to participate. If not, then they will leave and find something that better fulfills their needs.

    Each individual should do what’s best for them.

  9. Kristina Galinovic says:

    I do not surf for some awards or pride or I click on my mouse as crazy. I surf because I love it. I found many great sites when I surfed. Some sites I surf regularly and some because of the competition. Nobody is pushing me to surf over 1000 pages or spend my time and money where I do not want, I do it because I want it. For me, it’s not all in money or advertising , as I have already said, I met many wonderful people and I’m glad about that. The people I hear regularly, we talk, laugh and weep together. If I make some money with surfing or some referral that is OK if I don’t I’m okay again. The online job has existed for a long time and I know that I went into it late and did not have any great expectations to build my business. In some I succeeded, in some I did not, but that is life. I do what I like I’m hanging out and having fun. For me CTP competition is a game and if I can help my team to win I’ll do it. We are all adults and do what we want, we are free to decide what to do, where we spend our time and money. I look at it that way, you can agree with me or you can think I’m crazy.

  10. I think the thing I miss most in ctp teams is the excitement each season seems to lose more and more of that excitement. Just look at the chats at the beginning of ctp teams there was lots of communication now they are barren wastelands.

  11. Chrissy Collete says:

    Just because there’s no place to post this….

    I have now gotten more than one email titled something about doing the uber profit model…

    Well there aint no such thing as the uber profit model. They lose billions.

    Hardly a model to emulate.

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