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CTP Teams Playoffs – Final Live Blog

CTP Teams Playoffs – Final Live Blog

We started with 16 teams in the playoffs to find the overall champion for Season Three and now we are down to the final two…Lucky 13 and Phoenix.

The first ever play offs for CTP Teams has been not without drama, surprises, a little more drama, shocks and upsets, triumphs, disappointment for some and finally a little more drama.

It is not in question that these two teams played amazingly well so far to make it to the final and how they choose to play over the next 48 hours of competition will determine which one is declared the playoffs champion.

Just from looking at their previous play it is clear that either team is more than capable of winning. I don’t see a clear favorite and an underdog, but instead two very closely matched, capable and confident teams.

I think the winner will be the team that works best as a team, has a strong strategy from the outset and is capable of thinking fast if things don’t work out as they had planned.

Good luck to both teams and let’s watch the drama unfold.


Patrick Griffin October 15, 20153:15 am

With 47 minutes to go until the final begins we are all ready for the action to begin once again.

The scoreboard has been reset to zero and the teams are making their final preparations to go into battle for one last time this season.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20153:16 am

Well I said the scoreboard had been reset to zero but that is not quite right as Tim had other ideas.

He said: “To Team Phoenix and Lucky 13. For making it to the final round I have awarded both teams with 1 xp. As a simple token of my thank you for being awesome.”

Jon Olson October 15, 20153:20 am

Here we go…….Are you ready to see who take the title of Season 3 champs?????? It all gets started, in 40 minutes….

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20153:54 am

Just minutes away from the latest action…a live blab is underway and it looks like Brian Cullen is saying ‘cheers’ to all the teams taking part.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20153:56 am

Already people are speculating that this will all come down to the last minute…it might but I think there will be constant movement between these two teams throughout the 48 hours.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20153:57 am

Bill makes a guest appearance to show that it only takes 24 hours to join a blab using Internet Explorer.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20153:59 am

Less than two minutes to go and the guys on the blab are still arguing about the semi final tactics used by the teams.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:00 am

And we are off…

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:02 am

First switch of leaders…

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:03 am

three minutes in and Jon has already got a troll in Blab

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:05 am

Five minutes in and Phoenix extend their early lead…

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:07 am

Bill says he doesn’t hold babies. That rules out a job as a politician for him then.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:10 am

Ten minutes in now and Phoenix still working to extend their lead…

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:15 am

Fifteen minutes now, Jon is doing impressions of Tim and the two teams are still easing their way into the first playoffs final of CTP Teams.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:18 am

Bill is getting all technical about databases and the dark arts that go on behind the scenes to make CTP Teams work. I wish I had any idea what he is talking about. All I know for sure he he has put a special cover on the button that says “take everyone’s badges away” so he does not accidentally press it again.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:26 am

Team Phoenix continues to pull away from Lucky 13 which is taking the slow and steady approach right now.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:30 am

We have just passed the half hour mark and this is how things stand

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:32 am

Ok so the jog from Phoenix has turned into a sprint..

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:36 am

…and they are still sprinting while Lucky 13 continue with the slow and steady approach.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:44 am

OK so Bill managed a full 43 minutes from IE or whatever it is called now.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:49 am

This has something to do with sports I believe…

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:51 am

So some random guy gets on cam and tells a story which starts with the words: “I’m sitting in a strip bar in Worcester, Mass, watching a two girl shower show…”

Er ok I guess.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:51 am

Seems like the strip bar story just kind of fizzled out and now the guys are talking about sport again.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:57 am

So coming up to the end of the first hour these are the faces on the blab right now…

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20155:00 am

But back to CTP Teams and the playoff final for Season Three.

We have Phoenix against Lucky 13 and with exactly 60 minutes of play under our belts, Phoenix continue to pull away and are the clear early leaders.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20155:01 am

Ok so I have talked you through the first hour and now it is time to catch up on some sleep. Catch you all later for more of the same.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 201511:53 am

The teams have  been busy working while I got some sleep and there is a major change to report.

Both teams have broken the one billion barrier and it is now Lucky 13 which has stormed into the lead.

First they made a major gain a 632% increase and followed it up by a 393% increase.

Lucky 13 Gained 393% – 3.5 billion 17 minutes ago
Lucky 13 Gained 632% – 374.76 million 6 hours ago

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20151:26 pm

And now for a big jump from Phoenix…so far at least neither team has decided to sit back and wait which is good to see.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20151:27 pm

That was a 241% gain for Phoenix to put them back into the lead.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20152:35 pm

Lucky 13 are still breathing down the necks of Phoenix. Looks like, for now at least, no team wants to make a huge break away…but this will come at some point. I am sure of it.

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20153:33 pm

Pheonix lead Lucky 13 by 6.1 to 5.8 so it looks like the slow dancing stage continues between these two teams.

Jon Olson October 15, 20154:17 pm

This is a very close race…

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20154:20 pm

They are still slow dancing but now Lucky 13 is taking the lead as the team takes Phoenix around the virtual CTP Teams playoffs dance floor.

Jon Olson October 15, 20155:31 pm

Who will make the dash first?

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20156:09 pm

Lucky 13 now breaking away from Phoenix…not sure it can be called a dash just yet. I think it is more of a move to see how Phoenix respond.

Respond they will but how?

Patrick Griffin October 15, 20158:55 pm

The teams are still toying with each other…conserving their energy for the big push at the end perhaps?

Patrick Griffin October 16, 201512:05 am

Pheonix are now content to let Lucky 13 pull ahead by three billion points. However in this contest that is nothing at this stage in the game.

Now a three billion point lead with 15 seconds to go is something. Right now it is all strategy and mind games.

Phoenix – 7.28 billion
Lucky 13 – 10.81 billion

Patrick Griffin October 16, 20153:05 am

With just under an hour to go in Day One of the playoffs final Pheonix takes the lead and now, it seems, that Lucky 13 may be content to be the team trailing at this stage in the game.

Patrick Griffin October 16, 201511:43 am

Well it looks like we have hit a bit of a lull in proceedings. It looks like the first day and a bit was for both teams to keep each other in sight and let neither one get too far ahead. This is still the current gameplan as far as i can tell.

Patrick Griffin October 16, 201512:26 pm

Well if the action is not exactly dramatic between the two teams
right now…things have just got a little hotter behind the scenes.

Team Pheonix has just produced a video advert aimed at CTP members asking for XP donations to help them beat Lucky 13.

is in the style of those political adverts where one party says the
other will close all the schools, raise taxes and make the elderly fend
from themselves so you better make sure they lose out.

If you are a member of Lucky 13 then you might want to ensure you are sitting down before viewing it which you can do by clicking right here.

Patrick Griffin October 16, 201512:37 pm

Some people don’t like the kind of ‘negative’ campaigning like the advert below…but I don’t have a problem with it at all. I think this is just what these play offs need.

Patrick Griffin October 16, 201512:38 pm

By the way the cat and mouse games are continuing…while both teams are making small gains there has been no significant movement between the two teams in the last 12 hours.

Patrick Griffin October 16, 20154:55 pm

Just around 11 hours to go now and both teams continue to circle around each other waiting and watching to see who will make the first major move.

Looks to me like they are conserving energy and running down the clock so, once again, the real drama is likely to come in the last hour or so.

Patrick Griffin October 16, 20155:19 pm

I was wrong…Lucky 13 has just made a big move in the last 10 minutes or so.

Lucky 13 Gained 88% – that is 13.04 billion points.

Patrick Griffin October 16, 20157:50 pm

It has been more than a couple of hours since Lucky 13 made a move but nothing has happened since then. It looks like Phoenix is happy to let things be…for now anyway.

Patrick Griffin October 16, 201511:55 pm

With four hours to go there has been one big leap from both teams. Can you feel the tension building yet? I can.

Patrick Griffin October 16, 201511:56 pm

Interestingly some people are predicting a Phoenix win and some a Lucky 13 win. However I have yet to hear anyone say that they think any team is going to have an easy win.

Jon Olson October 17, 201512:32 am

What team will make the first move?

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20151:14 am

Less than three hours to go now and the teams are happy with the way things are. Are you waiting to see who blinks first guys?

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20151:45 am

Phoenix have just gained 7.6 bn points which is a 33% increase to put them within six billion points of Lucky 13 now with a little over two hours  of play left.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20151:46 am

Pheonix is on the move – another gain here. This time 14% – 4.22 billion points which puts them just over one billion points behind Lucky 13.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20151:47 am

They are not playing dead this time around…not a tactic which would work three times in a row.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20151:50 am

We are live blabbing as the clock counts down. The trash talk has already started.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20151:52 am

Jon Olson October 17, 20152:10 am

We’re live!!!!! The final push  https://blab.im/ken-locatelli-sr-ctpteams-final-push-for-the-win-ctpteams

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20152:34 am

Jon has a little red sock for his rottweiler…

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20152:36 am

The dog refused all attempts to be dressed in knitted fashion accessories.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20152:36 am

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20152:37 am

meanwhile back at CTP teams playoffs final things are very close between the last two teams left in the competition.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20152:58 am

Just a little over an hour to go now and Lucky 13 have edged a little further into the lead. The cat and mouse game which has defined this final contest has now continued for 47 hours.

The final hour will count for everything.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:11 am

Incredibly close now…are we about to see Phoenix take the lead ?

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:15 am

just 45 minutes left now and Lucky 13 is still leading…just.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:16 am

The totals remain relatively low though…we saw much bigger numbers even in the opening round. Are the teams running low or just biding their time and keeping their powder dry for now?

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:27 am

I think the CTP teams live  blab may have, ever so slightly, drifted off the topic of the play offs.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:29 am

32 minutes to go and Lucky 13 has blinked first…

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:30 am

The live blab is not being recorded…I think this is actually a good thing.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:31 am

So this is what Lucky 13 just did…

Lucky 13 Gained 40% – 15.71 billion 1 minute ago

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:32 am

This is good but not good enough to secure victory I feel…29 minutes to go.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:36 am

Well it looks like cat cam time on the live blab now.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:41 am

We are down the final 20 minutes. Signs that Phoenix are firing up their engines now.

Phoenix Gained 9% – 3.45 billion 7 seconds ago

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:41 am

Not enough to take the lead though.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:45 am

We are down to the last 15 minutes. Until now the final has been totally drama free.

Maybe we do one hour play offs in future ?

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:49 am

just 12 minutes out now and this is the state of play…

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:50 am

My internet is giving up on this contest…I think it is going to sleep…

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:50 am

Final ten minutes guys…can you feel the tension in the air? No me neither.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:51 am

Ten billion in it now…Phoenix narrow the gap a little more.

Phoenix Gained 4% – 1.6 billion 1 minute ago

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:53 am

Lucky 13 fight back… Now 69 to 46

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:55 am

Now just five minutes left…

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:57 am

Now just four minutes to go and no really big move yet…

Phoenix Gained 7% – 2.97 billion 1 minute ago
Lucky 13 Gained 26% – 14.3 billion 1 minute ago

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:58 am

Lucky 13 just pounced

Two minutes to go now…

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:59 am

And again…

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:59 am

Less than a minute to go now…

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20153:59 am

Boom…and again…

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20154:00 am

But wait….

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20154:00 am

Phoenix do it again…In the last second they take the lead and win…handsomely.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20154:01 am

This is how they did it.

Phoenix Gained 312% – 147.86 billion 1 minute ago

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20154:03 am

Will Lucky 13 ever shake off their “second place” reputation?

Phoenix thoroughly deserve this win. The fact they did it three times in a row to three huge teams is something that will be talked about for a long time.

Congratulations to everyone who has taken part in these play offs and this entire season and huge congratulations for Phoenix for another amazing win.

Patrick Griffin October 17, 20154:05 am

ok that is it for the final live blog…will be back over the weekend with a post wrapping up the season.

7 responses to “CTP Teams Playoffs – Final Live Blog”

  1. Rosy says:

    Lucky13 is taking a suicidal strategy, would have to bombard now to weaken the opposing defense, now when will miss 10 minutes at the end will be bombed and razed to the ground.

  2. Howard Fullmer says:

    Good luck final teams 🙂

  3. Javier Godoy says:

    Well I see the video advert of Phoenix.. I like it.
    I think is really a good effort to improve his chances to win. The idea is perfect and legitim….no doubt !. the idealism of genuine handwork…
    But…. I buy it? me? No way. …. the rules was stablished equal for all teams…Team Phoenix works hard, I see it, and even spent also money with listviral…so…no way now they are victims….. they are opponents like the other teams which played in the same competition past rounds.

  4. Tame Bear says:

    This sure is an exciting read — and HILARIOUS ! Well done, Patrick, you’re real good with the play-by-play.

  5. Rosy says:

    Troppo debole l’attacco di Lucky13 a 30 minuti dalla fine, non ha scalfito la difesa avversaria, fra 15 minuti lucky 13 sarà sepolta da una pioggia di xp pari a 300 mld.

  6. James Ong says:

    Another interesting race.

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