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CTP Teams Playoffs – Semi Final Live Blog

CTP Teams Playoffs – Semi Final Live Blog

The CTP Teams Season Three semi final play offs are live.

Check in with this blog to see some of the key developments over the next 48 hours.

Good luck to all the teams taking part.

This is for a place in the final and absolutely anything could happen.

I am already gearing myself up for some surprises and absolutely nothing can be taken for granted here with four top teams competing like they have never competed before.


Patrick Griffin October 12, 20154:25 am

The action is back once again as the last four teams in the play offs battle for a place in the play offs.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20154:28 am

With 25 minutes in things look like this.

Alphas are trailing behind Phoenix while Lucky 13 has opened up a large lead over Uber Surfers.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20154:32 am

Can’t help noticing the Member Spotlight at CTP today…someone doesn’t want Alphas to win it seems.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20154:34 am

Well the advert is from Randy Sult from Team Phoenix so I guess that explains that I guess. It didn’t take long for the smack talk to start.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20154:40 am

Lucky 13 has just broken the 5 billion mark. I think there are going to be crazy numbers again.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20154:41 am

Ubers are behind but they will surely need new tactics for this round. The ‘playing dead’ trick is unlikely to work twice in a row. Or is it?

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20154:44 am

So we are now approaching the first 45 minutes of competition and Lucky 13 is the only team with a score line in the billions but it looks Phoenix is widening their lead over Alphas.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20154:46 am

This will be a game of strategy for sure…keep checking back for more updates throughout the next 48 hours.

Something tells me the Plus 1 Daily show might also be a rather good source of info too…don’t miss it. 4pm Eastern weekdays.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20154:47 am

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20154:57 am

Well I was going to leave the live blog for now but I will do a final update on the hour…looks like Lucky 13 is making an early statement…

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20154:59 am

By the way for those that like numbers, the semi finalist teams, when they went into the play offs were ranked #1 #3 #5 #7

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20155:00 am

And if the contest was to end right now after just one hour the final would be between Phoenix and Lucky 13.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20155:03 am

So we have now passed the first hour of play and in the last few minutes Lucky 13 has almost doubled its lead…impressive start for sure.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 201511:41 am

It is the first day of the semi finals and all is going well.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 201511:42 am

I saw this idea from Mona in the Plus 1 Daily room and I think it is a great idea… Mona LaSala: Good Luck to everyone in Round 3. For the teams that are competing to the finals I think it a nice gesture to adopt-a-friend, and gift them some things like batteries, wands, whatever you are able to help them out with.

Afterall this is Community and Team Work at its best – helping one another out. I have already adopted my first person. Will you cross the aisle and lend someone a hand too? Good Luck to everyone.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 201511:46 am

Now we are coming up to eight hours of play and Pheonix are leading Alphas by 2.3 – 1.8 – interesting scoreline.

In the other semi final game Lucky 13 are leading Ubers by 60 – 5.
Just a note about scoring – the numbers above are in billions of XP!

Patrick Griffin October 12, 201512:43 pm

The two semi final matches are like chalk and cheese right now. Alphas and Phoenix are very close to each other while Lucky 13 has opened up a huge gap against Ubers.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 201512:44 pm

The funny thing is that apart from Lucky 13 I feel that the other three teams have not really even got going yet.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20152:14 pm

Look who is starting their comeback…it surely can’t be long before Alphas move into the lead…

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20152:21 pm

Well that didn’t take long. Now all four teams are well and truly in the game.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20152:22 pm

That was an increase of around 800% for the Alphas by the way.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20153:20 pm

Now it is Lucky 13’s turn to pull ahead…look at them go…now they have 83 billion points compared with 5 billion for Ubers.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20153:55 pm

Big moves taking place right now.

Lucky 13 Gained 41% – 33.89 billion

Phoenix Gained 139% – 4.01 billion

This means the totals are now like this:

Alphas v Phoenix: 20 – 6

Lucky 13 v Ubers: 117 – 6

Jon Olson October 12, 20154:01 pm

Ubers and Phoenix are both training big…Is this part of their game plan like last round? Or will it be too little too late? 

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20157:37 pm

Are Ubers making a move at last?…they have just jumped from 6bn points to more than 11 bn but are still a long way behind Lucky 13.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20158:15 pm

Jon thinka Alphas and Lucky 13 will be in the final…

Meanwhile Justin thinks it will be Phoenix and Ubers.

Bottom line…nobody knows.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 20158:19 pm

Jon has just announced that he believes Lucky 13 will be season play off champions.

Patrick Griffin October 12, 201510:47 pm

Alphas now have 25.9 bn points compared to 7.9 bn for Phoenix. That is a gain of around 17% for Alphas in the past hour.

Patrick Griffin October 13, 20159:39 am

So this is it…the final day of the semi final play offs.

After this the four teams will be reduced to two and we will know who our final two are.

I am expecting some drama and despite the predictions made earlier I think nothing, absolutely nothing at all, can be taken for granted.

Patrick Griffin October 13, 20159:40 am

With just over 18 hours to go things look like this:

Patrick Griffin October 13, 20159:44 am

The big news is that Lucky 13 seem determined to make the final and have extended their lead over Ubers to 173 – 24

To put this in perspective if Ubers were playing Alphas right now the scoreline would be 59 – 24
This, to me, is Lucky 13 saying: “Hey Ubers if you are planning to play dead until the end then we are going to make it very difficult for you.”

Patrick Griffin October 13, 20159:45 am

It is interesting that Phoenix and Ubers both have similar points scores right now…26 and 24 billion points respectively.

Does this mean they have reached their natural limit or are they holding back?

I think both teams are holding back. What do you think?

Patrick Griffin October 13, 20152:51 pm

We seem to have had the teams all taking a bit of a break in the last few hours…not much movement except for Alphas which is extending its lead over Phoenix.

In the last hour or so Alphas has gained 6%  or 3.39 billion points.

Patrick Griffin October 13, 20154:37 pm

Forget the break…Phoenix are making big moves right now…narrowing the gap over Alphas.

Pheonix has just gained 66% or 17.82 billion points in the last hour.

The state of play for all four teams now looks like this…

Jon Olson October 13, 20156:02 pm

It’s crunch time for the 3rd round! Let’s see what strategies are in place for this afternoon….

Patrick Griffin October 13, 20158:25 pm

something tells me all teams are now playing a game of ‘who is going to
blink first’ – the final hours should be very interesting.

Patrick Griffin October 13, 201511:39 pm

With a little over four hours to go it is looking like SurfAholic Alphas will play Lucky 13 in the final…that is if things stay the same.

While things have remained the same way for hours now I think we have more than a little drama to come between now and close  of play.

Patrick Griffin October 13, 201511:49 pm

Now we are talking. Alphas have just made a move at last with a gain of 29% to add another 19 billion points to their total.

Patrick Griffin October 14, 201512:14 am

another four billion for the alphas…memo to other teams…you are allowed to play along too you know.

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20151:11 am

Now with less than three hours we are beginning to see some action once again.

right now Alphas lead Phoenix by 90 – 50 and Lucky 13 lead Ubers by 180 – 38

I am glad all the teams have woken up once again…welcome back into the game everyone. I have missed you while you were gone.

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20152:13 am

In less than two hours we will know who the first ever CTP Teams finalists are.

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:00 am

And with just 60 minutes to go on the clock this is how things stand…

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:07 am

well jon and marcus are back on blab so that means another playoff round is about to end.

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:09 am

Could it be true that Ubers have given up?…this a rumor that is going round right now I hear.

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:19 am

so 20 minutes into the final hour and there has been virtually no movement at all.

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:22 am

Did I detect a little confusion from Marcus when Jon asked him to name the four semi final teams?

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:25 am

Time for some soup …

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:27 am

And a little more…

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:29 am

Pheonix are alive…

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:29 am

That is a gain of 7% for team phoenix

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:31 am

and it takes just seconds for Alphas to respond…

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:35 am

that last gain for Alphas was 15%

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:40 am

20 minutes to go and this round could not be more different to the previous round

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:41 am

Justin is here too…I tried to get a shot of him but he keeps getting up and leaving.

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:46 am

Almost a full house now but Bill is on Internet Explorer so you can’t see him…

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:47 am

14 minutes to go, Bill’s internet explorer is still warming up and the teams are still as they were before.

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:48 am

Marcus just called Justin ‘big chicken’ and meanwhile Bill is still adding coal to the IE engine.

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:49 am

12 minutes to go Justin says Alphas and Lucky 13 will make the final…but with a twist…

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:49 am

Justin will pay $50 to either Pheonix or Ubers if hey make the final and Marcus will add another $20

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:52 am

eight minutes to go and Alphas extend their lead

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:53 am

That was a 21% jump for Alphas

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:54 am

Lucky 13 also extend their lead

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:55 am

less than five minutes to go now…

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:58 am

Alphas pile on the pressure

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:58 am

Pheonix go for the win

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:59 am

and with a minute to go

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20153:59 am

less than a minute to go

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20154:00 am

now look

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20154:01 am

So it is Pheonix and Lucky 13 in the final and Justin has lost $50 to team Phoenix

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20154:04 am

So after yet another dramatic finish this is how the semi finals ended…

Patrick Griffin October 14, 20154:06 am

So Jon is backing Pheonix to be play off champions and Justin thinks Lucky 13 will take it.

6 responses to “CTP Teams Playoffs – Semi Final Live Blog”

  1. Linda says:


  2. Jon Olson says:

    This is going to be an epic show down….I think the teams are going slow right now and trailing on purpose….Is this a good strategy?

  3. Mona says:

    Some amazing scores my eyes were rolling…23 more hours and the show will go on… best of luck to the 4 teams crushing it right now.. Amazing stuff after surfing so many days already. Just amazing. Now this is what I call fortitude and determination.. Thumbs up to the teams!

  4. Javier Godoy says:

    I think Phoenix and Ubers go to the very top limit on past rounds… probably the semis has their winners: Lucky13 and Surfaholics. But, is my opinion…. will see….

  5. James Ong says:

    Way to go, everyone.

  6. Karen says:

    Oh Wow so far this tournament has been like one wild roller coaster ride and I have been so impressed with teams just bringing it round after round. Well done all, great stuff. 🙂

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