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CTP Teams Playoffs – Quarter Final Live Blog

CTP Teams Playoffs – Quarter Final Live Blog

tokens offer bannerWell I hope you are all rested because the quarter finals for the Season Three playoffs are just a few hours away.

This ‘off day’ seems to have flown by and before we know it then it will be back down to the competition.

By way of marking the event Janelle persuaded Justin to offer an amazing deal on tokens – 100 tokens for just $10 and he agreed.

I think he was relieved at not having to pay out his own cash during the first round that he was more than happy to agree.

I am not sure how long the offer will last, so don’t miss out. Tokens are good to have whether you are in the playoffs or not.

So this is the line up for the Quarter Finals:

#1 – SurfAholics – Alpha v #9 – WealthBuilders

#5 – Phoenix v #4 – Renegades

#6 – In To Win v #3 – Lucky 13

#7 – UberSurfers v CSN



Jon Olson October 8, 20158:29 pm

We’ll be live tonight on Blab!!!!! 

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20158:30 pm

We are making the final preparations for the next stage of the playoffs. We are about the start the Quarter finals where eight teams will battle it out for another 48 hours.

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20153:59 am

We are just seconds away now

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:00 am

And we are live blabbing again also

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:01 am

And the quarter finals are live…the action begins again…48 hours of madness is underway again.

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:02 am

Two minutes in and “It’s Lynn again” is asking about the badge hunt. Focus Lynn. Focus!!!!!

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:05 am

CSN dominate from the beginning…they are out to crush Ubers

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:08 am

I know you guys are wondering about owl cam…so here it is.

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:10 am

Oh no, eight minutes in and already we have ‘bonusgate’ on the live blab. It seems that some teams are still getting bonuses for old members who are no longer on the team.

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:11 am

Justin likes the points to be lower…I agree. But if you like your quazillion billions then we are honey badgers about this…we don’t care either way.

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:13 am

I am totally neutral in this contest but my predictions are Alphas, Renegades, Lucky 13 and CSN for the win. We will know in 48 hours. Maybe I will get all four wrong.

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:15 am


  • I love that the blab lets me close my phone and I can still hear you. you guys are in my pocket. in a totally none sexual way

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:17 am

Fifteen minutes in and these are the leaders…Alphas…Phoenix…In To Win…CSN

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:22 am

Love the fact that all teams got points on the board within seconds…everyone wants to win and that sense of competition is great to see.

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:27 am

The owl is awake for owlcam fans…

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:30 am

Just under half an hour in and WealthBuilders are now leading Alphas. I said it before, Alphas may be favorites but WealthBuilders will throw everything they have into this round for sure.

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:32 am

So right now apart from CSN who are leading against Ubers, it is all the lower ranked teams which are currently leading in their individual games.

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:36 am

Shout out to Howard, Bill, Sig and Kathy for your early comments on this blog…much appreciated guys. Glad you are all enjoying the play offs.

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:41 am

Quick reminder…the 100 tokens for 10 bucks deal is still live…get it while you can.

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:45 am

Just passed the 45 minute mark and all is going well. Alphas are fighting back but still have a way to go to eat into the WealthBuilders lead…

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20154:51 am

i am not sure it could be any closer between these two teams…

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20155:03 am

Ok so we are one hour into the quarter finals contest and this is how things stand…

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20155:05 am

So far only one of my four picks, CSN, is winning.

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20155:07 am

Looks like I spoke too soon…Alphas have just gone into the lead a few moments ago…

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20155:31 am

still desperately close between these two teams…

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20155:42 am

the lead may have swapped around in favor of Lucky 13 but it is still very close indeed…this is heating up to be the interesting battle I expected we were going to see between two very competitive teams…

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20155:56 am

Well it is not close any more but let’s see how In To Win respond as this contest hots up…

Patrick Griffin October 9, 20156:03 am

Well I have talked you through the first two hours of the quarter finals so time to take a break from the live blogging for a while.

This has been a great start from every team. If you are a in a team taking part in the play offs then very well done for getting so far and keep going strong.

If you have been knocked out already or have never taken part in CTP Teams before then Season Four is just around the corner.

I can’t say too much about Season 4 just yet but it will be much shorter than Season 3, I think that much is very clear already.

Jon Olson October 9, 20155:43 pm

We’re well into Round 2…..Some surprises so far…Who do you have winning this round?

Patrick Griffin October 10, 20159:48 am

So it is the final day of the Quarter Finals and it has been really active so far.

Alphas are currently crushing WealthBuilders by 40 – 6 (billion that is) but there is still time for the tables to be turned here.

I predicted at the start that the closest match would be Phoenix v Renegades and that is exactly how things have turned out. These guys are neck and neck. Right now Phoenix are ahead by 6 – 5.

In To Win and Lucky 13 – this is a shock to me because I had Lucky 13 down for the win here. As of now In To Win are leading by 32 – 22.

Finally Ubers have come back very strongly after CSN set up a huge lead from the very outset. CSN are still in the lead but Ubers are fighting hard with everything they have got. Right now CSN have it by 30 – 23.

(all scores in billions of XP)

Patrick Griffin October 10, 201510:07 am

I should say that Ubers did actually take the lead over CSN earlier in the contest…this is another battle which could go to the very end.

Patrick Griffin October 10, 201510:56 am

The predictions I made at the start of this round are so-so. Two of the teams I picked are in the lead and the other two are not.

Patrick Griffin October 10, 201510:57 am

Don’t forget that the $10 tokens sale is still live. You can do a lot with 100 tokens.

Jon Olson October 11, 20152:26 am

Only a few hours to go and wow, look at 2 of these matches….Too close to call a winner yet!!!

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20152:26 am

So just over an hour and a half to go …

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20152:30 am

Let’s see where we stand now.
Alphas are leading WealthBuilders by 89 to 12.

Renegades are leading Phoenix by 95 to 81.

Lucky13 are leading In To Win by 69 to 55.

CSN are leading Uber Surfers by 131 to 28.

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20152:31 am

Just for the record that is 131 billion XP for CSN. Wow!

Jon Olson October 11, 20152:40 am

Just went live https://blab.im/jon-olson-round-2-ctpplayoffs

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20152:41 am

Ubers are out of the quarter finals says Jon on blab…I agree

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20152:42 am

I think Alphas have it too but Jon thinks WealthBuilders could still win – even at this late stage. The other two matches are too close to call. I think they will go to the wire.

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:04 am

Marcus has joined Jon to mark the end of the quarter finals on blab…

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:06 am

and now we have another guest presenter…

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:08 am

Just over 50 minutes to go and the state of play remains the same.
Alphas, Renegades, Lucky 13 and CSN all leading.

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:15 am

Renegades extend their lead – now 99 to 82

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:17 am

“Social media expertise is knowing how to say ‘hi’ to people” – Jon Olson.

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:20 am

Huge upset for Renegades as Phoenix take the lead…by a massive 137 to 99. huge development here.

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:35 am

Another change…In To Win take lead over Lucky 13

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:39 am

Ubers making a late break – up from 34 billion to 59 billion but CSN still comfortably ahead with 131 million.

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:40 am

Just 20 minutes to go and the leaders are Alphas, Phoenix, In To Win and CSN

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:45 am

Lucky 13 back in the lead but look how close it is…

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:50 am

10 minutes to go…now Alphas, Phoenix, Lucky 13 and CSN in the lead.

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:52 am

If teams have anything left in reserve then now would be a good time to use it.

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:53 am

And just as I said that look what Ubers have done…

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:55 am

another massive gain for ubers – this is amazing strategy

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:56 am

After what Ubers have done no wonder Marcus looks so unhappy…

Jon Olson October 11, 20153:57 am

Wow!!!!! This is too close to call!!!! 

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20153:59 am

Ubers keep piling on the pressure

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20154:01 am

its all over and marcus can’t believe what has just happened.

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20154:03 am

So this is how it ended…

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20154:04 am

So the semi finals will look like this:

SurfAholic Alphas v Phoenix

Lucky 13 v Uber Surfers

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20154:08 am

I said this would come down to the wire…Ubers you showed us that it is not over until the final second has run down on the clock. What an ending.

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20154:11 am

And Marcus still cannot believe what happened. “What went wrong?” asked Jon. CSN just did not see this one coming.

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20154:12 am

Jon ended the blab by saying he was sure CSN would come back strongly next season. I totally agree. And something tells me they won’t allow themselves to be taken by surprise so easily again.

Patrick Griffin October 11, 20154:13 am

That’s it for this quarter final blog. Thanks for joining me. Well done to everyone for battling so hard and congratulations to our semi finalists.

18 responses to “CTP Teams Playoffs – Quarter Final Live Blog”

  1. Howard Fullmer says:

    I am excited that my team the Ubers made it to the second round and we are going to give CSN Hell. GO Ubers TOOT

  2. Bill Darton says:

    I was going to wish Good Luck to the Lucky 13 team
    but that would be the definition of redundant!


    Break A Leg!

  3. Kathy Dyer says:

    Go CSN!!!!!

  4. Lynn M says:

    LOL. When I asked about the badge hunt I (A) had just gotten home after being gone for two hours, (B) had *just* gotten on Blab, and (C) team members and others have been asking me ever since I got up yesterday afternoon if I knew where the badge hunt results had been posted (I reckon people expected to see the results yesterday). That’s all…

  5. Sig says:

    And the Battle continues, and yes I guess the Ubers and theyr Panzer beans, is not much of a fav in this game, but still we are around, if you like it or not.

    Our Team has fought with honor, nor Hate…We have fought with proud and Joy!

    To the battle fields we roll…smelling fiealds of Gold. …and ofcasue a lot of Beans! TOOT

    Respect to all,

    Uber Panzer Commandor

  6. Howard Fullmer says:

    I think this bracket idea has made this long winded season much more exciting

  7. Hmmm Live blog seems someone must have fallen asleep lol

  8. Kennsigrid1 says:

    I think that the points are insane and the competition is fierce 🙂

  9. Kennsigrid1 says:

    Well let’s try the correct email so the pic shows up….oops 🙁

  10. Kennsigrid1 says:

    Ok the points are insane and the competition is fierce. Just the way playoffs should be 🙂

  11. Kathy Dyer says:

    I am awake Eric and I still say Go CSN!
    I can sleep tomorrow right?

  12. Bill Darton says:

    Congrats to all the Winners!

    As you move on to the Semi-Finals and Finals, remember to Keep It Classy 😉

    I am very proud of all the members of the In To Win! team.

    It was not long ago that I never even imagined that we would be able to compete with these teams.

    Yet there we were; surfing, clicking emails, collecting Golden Eggs and vault keys all while we were teaching, training and supporting each other.

    As Always, We Are…

    In To Win!

  13. Howard Fullmer says:

    congrats to all that participated in Round 2 🙂

  14. Rob P. says:

    Absolutely brilliant the last ten minutes of round 2 and the real players showed they where here to have a go.
    Congratulations to all that got to this round that alone was a accomplishment in it’s self.
    Now we wait to see round 3 this should be the battle royale.

  15. […] Here is a screenshot from last night’s quarter final live blog. […]

  16. James Ong says:

    Really proud of all the teams.

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