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The first ever LIVE BLOG for CTP Teams

The first ever LIVE BLOG for CTP Teams

Today’s the first day for the CTP Playoffs, and we’ve already seen a lot of fun happening. We’ll be live blogging here for the next 48 hours. Leave the page open and updates will show up automatically!

Tim Linden October 6, 20151:05 pm

#10 Dream Team was ahead of UberSurfers this morning, but within an hour of the standings page being updated UberSurfers took off with over 400 million xp!

Tim Linden October 6, 20151:08 pm

I opened up our internal Skype Call and started LIVE STREAMING it on Youtube. You can listen in, and interact with us LIVE: http://www.youtube.com/c/TimLindentheGrassGuy/live

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20151:09 pm

So Tim and Justin have their own private battle going on and Tim is taking an early lead.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20151:09 pm

And now this…


Patrick Griffin October 6, 20151:20 pm

remember those memory limit issues we used to have with CTP Teams…great news memory issue fans…they’re back!

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20151:22 pm

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20151:24 pm

tim has fixed it already

Tim Linden October 6, 20151:24 pm

Great news! It’s all fixed now..

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20151:26 pm

wow how many times can one person say “comment on my blog” on one Skype call?

Tim Linden October 6, 20151:29 pm

Justin joined our live call for about 1 minute, and pretended to be stuck in traffic so he could go back to bed!

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20151:31 pm

haha – Brian Cullen is so witty…

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20151:37 pm

oh no – Tim has his camera working…now you can see and hear him coding.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20151:43 pm

breaking news…

Tim Hanson from Farenheit is recruiting and giving away Kore 4 upgrade with it!
Tim Linden October 6, 20151:47 pm

Tim is getting tired..  Too much coffee and no sleep!

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20151:48 pm

so everyone on the call gets to see Tim’s bubbly personality…

Tim Linden October 6, 20151:54 pm

Justin has joined the call!!

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20151:54 pm

Now Justin has joined the call/blog/TY show. Welcome Justin.

Tim Linden October 6, 20151:55 pm

If you aren’t watching, join us LIVE: http://www.youtube.com/c/TimLindentheGrassGuy/live

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20152:05 pm

ring dings, devil dogs, hoodle doodles…no idea what justin is talking about right now.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20152:06 pm

now we have poodle doodles…you will have to talk to justin for the definition of that.

Tim Linden October 6, 20152:08 pm

Everyone tweet Jon: http://ctt.ec/3udmJ

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20152:10 pm

oh no…now the guys are ganging up on Jon…for the only reason that he is not on the call.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20152:10 pm

Something tells me that Jangle may be next.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20152:13 pm

Does anyone know about rare ocean-going ducks. They once played a big part in Justin’s life.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20152:17 pm

Now we are talking about how to make a hovercraft…

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20152:20 pm

Justin is wondering where we will all be in 50 years

Tim Linden October 6, 20152:24 pm

Justin is downloading his brain to Mars. Wouldn’t that be uploading?

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20152:25 pm

Now we are speculating if we will ever get a 3d printer which will print out human clones on Mars.

Tim Linden October 6, 20152:29 pm

Tom Wacker is now with us! http://www.youtube.com/c/TimLindentheGrassGuy/live

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20152:33 pm

The discussion has turned to medical matters…why do people drool? is the latest topic.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20152:40 pm

Bored of medical matters the subject has changed to owl cams…people go onto the internet to look at live video feeds of owls. here is a screenshot of one such video stream.

Tim Linden October 6, 20152:45 pm

Living Wealthy is closing in on Renegades!

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20152:46 pm

what tim said but in pictures…

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20152:52 pm

Justin talking about an All Star Team…sounds interesting.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20152:55 pm

this is getting all sports nerdy…i love it

Tim Linden October 6, 20152:56 pm

Tom showed us a GAME CHANGER..  The Subscriber % bonus gives HUGE BONUSES! Build your list on RR like Eric is: http://clicktrackprofit.com/reloaded/teamsview.php?tid=5

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20152:57 pm

Renegades have seen the threat and are pulling back a bit.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20152:59 pm

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:00 pm

Tom – our resident CTP Teams expert – has been giving some really awesome insider information on team strategies to follow for success.

Jon Olson October 6, 20153:07 pm

Jon just woke up….And didn’t know the guys were streaming…

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:09 pm

Bill is back on the call

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:12 pm

It is probably time to check back on that Barn Owl…

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:12 pm

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:15 pm

oh wow…Renegades didn’t like that scare from Living Wealthy…they are really pulling away now…

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:15 pm

Fantasy CTP Teams for next season…that sounds like a great idea.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:15 pm

Massive changes coming for Season Four…that’s all we can say for now.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:17 pm

six billion for Renegades is old news already…look at this!!!

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:19 pm

hey teams – win this first round game and you are guaranteed a cash prize of  least $125

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:20 pm

if you are in the bottom four then justin will give you an additional $500 bounty if you win your first round battles

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:24 pm

Renegades are totally unstoppable right now…look at them go

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:29 pm

so this is really hilarious…justin can’t hear us on the Skype call so he is pretending he hears us and is answering as though he can…sounds odd but is very funny. I guess you have to be here.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:33 pm

I am live blogging and can’t keep up with Renegades…since I took this screen shot they are another billion points ahead already

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:34 pm

this is turning out to be THE battle of the contest so far but it is time to see where else the action is…time to ask Tom.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:40 pm

Bill bringing Jon up to speed on some of the topics we discussed earlier…human clones on Mars, drooling and barn owls.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:44 pm

11th place Easy Team still going strong and have opened up their lead over In To Win who were seeded sixth

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20153:44 pm

Jon has asked me to let people know that he has gone to get a coffee.

Jon Olson October 6, 20153:59 pm

Wow! Fahrenheit!!!! 

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20154:02 pm

yea Fahrenheight just went from this…

to this…

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20154:04 pm

#RealTalk – Tom Wacker has just said what about Matt Badura…? Old team rivalries live on i guess. (good job those guys are friends)

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20154:10 pm

Discussion has turned to bad guys or girls on CTP Teams…we need people who don’t mind who they upset.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20154:17 pm

Oh dear – Tim has played a prank on Jon and Jon has just found out. #NotHappy

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20154:17 pm

Sitizens – should we bring it back? Asks Justin.

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20154:18 pm

That’s not the prank by the way – we have moved on already.

Tim Linden October 6, 20154:29 pm

We’ll be back later video streaming, for now LIVE BLOGGING when fun stuff happens!

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20154:29 pm

so after four hours that is the end of the first live stream. it was great fun. thanks for taking part.

Jon Olson October 6, 20154:32 pm

Epic start to the #CTPplayoffs !!! What will the rest of the day bring??

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20154:34 pm

but just before we wrap up for this session…it looks like Living Wealthy is fighting back…

Tim Linden October 6, 20156:30 pm

And now Living Wealthy is on top again!

Tim Linden October 6, 20156:32 pm

And just like that WealthBuilders is leading Fahrenheit!

Tim Linden October 6, 20156:57 pm

Team Renegades has gained 9 billion points since our last update, and squeaked by Living Wealthy!

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20157:24 pm

the way the numbers are moving on this first 48 hour contest…well we have never seen anything as intense as this before.

Tim Linden October 6, 20158:06 pm

Here we go, we’re LIVE: https://blab.im/jon-olson-what-an-amazing-start-ctpplayoffs

Tim Linden October 6, 20158:07 pm

Fahrenheit Is now in the lead!

Jon Olson October 6, 20158:22 pm

Jon is live on Blab right now! https://blab.im/jon-olson-what-an-amazing-start-ctpplayoffs

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20158:23 pm

so just a quick thought…if Fahrenheit renamed themselves to Centigrade would they still be in the lead?

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20158:48 pm

Quote of the day from Jon to Justin: “You’ve got dogs, I got nailguns.”

Patrick Griffin October 6, 20158:52 pm

ok so its official…the badge hunt ends tomorrow (wednesday) at midnight Eastern.

Jon Olson October 7, 20152:24 am

Jon got a flu – Jon is in bed!

Patrick Griffin October 7, 201512:16 pm

Don’t forget that the badge hunt ends tonight at Midnight eastern.
Tom Wacker has some tips for those who want to collect those last minute


Patrick Griffin October 7, 201512:19 pm

But back to the playoffs…this is what I make of the first day of play so far…it is a bit longer than the usual CTP Teams blog post…but there was a lot of ground to cover.

Patrick Griffin October 7, 20151:07 pm

Uber Surfers and Lucky 13 Too are really on fire right now…two teams to watch for sure.

Patrick Griffin October 7, 20158:15 pm

just under eight hours to go now for season three first round play offs

Patrick Griffin October 7, 20158:56 pm

WealthBuilders have been on top in their head-to-head battle most of today but not any longer…Fahrenheit have now gained a commanding lead.

Jon Olson October 7, 20159:02 pm

It’s crunch time….Only a few hours to go until the end of the first round!!! Who do you have winning each match up?

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20151:58 am

massive battle going on right now between lucky 13 too and phoenix…team phoenix currently have the upper hand but these have swapping positions and battling like crazy over the last hour or so

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:06 am

Living Wealthy seem to be making a late move but have more to do and SurfAholics Alpha have extended their lead at the top.

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:07 am

WealthBuilders also making a late push but still have more to do with under an hour to go.

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:10 am

Lucky 13 Too now take the lead over Phoenix

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:12 am

Talking of Lucky 13 Too – they have nearly 90 billion XP which is more than any other team in the play offs.

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:19 am

we have now taken over the sports nerd blab for the final hour of tonight’s contest

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:20 am

WealthBuilders Is now in the lead!

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:26 am

So here is an image you dont normally see on a blab…the power of the ctp teams play offs

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:28 am


Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:30 am

So Jon may be regretting his pick for this pair in the play offs…

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:31 am

I think Tim feels the same way…

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:39 am

Lucky 13 Too just joined the 100 billion + club but, amazingly, it is not enough to put them into the lead.

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:40 am

that was an 11% increase for lucky 13 too by the way

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:43 am

Fahrenheit Is now in the lead!

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:45 am

with 15 minutes to go, all justin’s cash is safe but it could change, in theory at least.

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:47 am

I would have liked to have seen Beginners and Winners make life harder for the Alphas…they have just coasted so far.

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:49 am

this is what it looks like when a team really, really, really wants to win…

but it is not over yet.

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:51 am

there is now just under 10 minutes to go…how many surprises are left?

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:55 am

I am going to say that Alphas, Lucky 13 and CSN will all go through to the next round with just five minutes ago.

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:56 am

with most of the other teams it is too early to say. this is going down to the wire.

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:58 am

WealthBuilders pull ahead in the last 2 minutes of play

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20153:59 am

Can Fahrenheit raise the temperature here at this late hour?

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20154:00 am

and we are done…for now

Patrick Griffin October 8, 20154:04 am

this first round of the play offs has been awesome.  i hope you all enjoyed it.

21 responses to “The first ever LIVE BLOG for CTP Teams”

  1. Stephen Whittle says:

    Amazing how teams are trying to bury their competition so early. I would have waited until closer to the end myself. Just saying….

    • Evelyn Kramer says:

      I agree Stephen. I am surprised at the amount of money some will spend to get ahead without even surfing or any of the other ways to get XP. Not even doing the DC! It’s way too early to panic and throw out the bucks, but hey it’s only money right?

  2. Rob P. says:

    Live blogging love it 🙂

  3. Aaron Green says:

    Nice Blog Battle Guys.

    Keep it going. lol

  4. This is pretty cool. Listening live and scrolling back to see what I missed.

  5. Gary Calvert II says:

    Awesome sauce! Thanks, guys, for keeping us up to date. 🙂

  6. Kevin Phillips says:

    Hi Guys how about a all star team with non kore4 members

  7. Tim Hanson says:

    I have come to upset Jon’s bracket haha #CTPplayoffs

  8. Georgia says:

    WOW – WTG everyone.

  9. John Brewer says:

    Simply the fact that Lucky13 Too is in the playoffs is an accomplishment for our team. Our team leader Winter Perkins takes business building networking seriously and has always encouraged that on our team. Being in the playoffs is simply a pleasant side-effect of that.

    By the way, are List Viral credits transferable? If not maybe they should be. Might be a good incentive for people to offer.

    Go Lucky 13 Too!

  10. Mona says:

    I like how you all did this live blogging thing.. pretty interesting the stats so far but I agree with Evelyn here. Go Wealth Builders!

  11. Madolyn Joseph says:

    Awesome blog!

  12. Steve Buch says:

    This live blog is great! This was a great and exciting competition until somebody started giving away xp to people for posting to his blog. Now it’s just a spamming contest. Tsk, tsk, tsk TimTech. Cut the crap and get this thing back to the way it should be: Work hard for the win!

  13. Javier Godoy says:

    Okey, the battle between Renegades and Living Wealthy looks like a TRUE Final…. what a score and only on DAY ONE… please…..my god !!!!!

  14. liliane says:

    i am confused…need your help

  15. […] none of the above are the headline story of the first round…if you have been following the first round live blog then you will know that this honor goes to Renegades (4) and Living Wealthy (13) who have earned […]

  16. Marye says:

    thanks for keeping us up to date 🙂

  17. […] a taste of what happened you can follow the events as unfolded on the First Round Liveblog. (There will be more liveblogs for the subsequent rounds too by the […]

  18. James Ong says:

    Innovative idea.

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